06 Aug 2022
The Importance Of Video Content To Your Business

Video marketing is a powerful tool for connecting with audiences, attracting new customers, and improving engagement metrics. Content like instructional videos and customer testimonials is produced to attract new clients. The audience watches the videos and gains trust in your company by regularly consuming your material. When consumers become engrossed in your material and receive substantial value from it, it is much easier to turn them into potential customers. Video content is becoming increasingly significant. Younger generation marketing techniques today frequently include video content, and when done well, it may produce amazing results. Any business could benefit from video content's capacity to add value. Businesses may showcase their best selves with video content while developing crucial stories about their goods and services.

09 Aug 2022
Google Outage Impacts Thousands Of Users, Twitter Flooded With Complaints
Google has ingrained itself into our lives and is frequently used by consumers to find crucial information. But what happens if Google Search is unavailable? Many customers experienced the problem tod
09 Aug 2022
As Quarterly Revenue Soars, Paytm Reaches Nearly 6-Month High
The parent company of Indian digital payments giant Paytm, One 97 Communications Ltd, reported an 89% increase in its quarterly revenue on Monday, sending the company's shares up more than 6% to t
09 Aug 2022
Bharti Airtel's Q1 Profit jumps To Rs 1,607 Cr
Telecom operator Bharti Airtel on Monday posted an over five-fold jump in its consolidated profit to Rs 1,607 crore for the quarter ended June 2022, mainly on account of hike in tariffs. The compan
09 Aug 2022
'Reliance Creates 2.32 Lakh employment in FY22'
According to the company's integrated annual report, Reliance Industries added 2.32 lakh jobs in FY 2021–2022 to bring its overall labour count to 3.43 lakh at the end of FY22. For the
09 Aug 2022
Australian Singer Olivia Newton John Dies At 73, Tributes Paid
Olivia Newton-John, who passed away at the age of 73 from cancer, has received condolences from all over the world. The Australian singer and actress with British ancestry is best recognised for her r
09 Aug 2022
Under The Terms Of New START Accord, Russia Stops US Nuclear Arsenal Inspections
According to the New START arms limitation pact, Russia has informed the US that it has "temporarily" halted on-site inspections of its strategic nuclear weapons. The US, according to t
31 Jan 2022
The Art of Employer Branding In Bootstrap/Seed Funding Stage

Presenting a Special Industry Insight from our Esteemed Columnist: Vineeta Kukreti! Vineeta is a Senior Management Strategic Human Resource Professional with 20 Years+ of Experience in Human Resource Management & Business Consulting.

In this Blog Post, she has translated the key insights on Employer Branding in Seed Funding Stage and is a must-read for Aspiring Startups & Entrepreneurs!

Startups are inevitably important for a country's economy and are still one of the most overlooked prodigies.
That's expressly why most people aren't aware of what employer brand is and how critical it is for business.
Fortunately, this blog will walk you through some insightful revelations that will guide you on a clear route to success!
#TWN #ThinkWithNiche #Social-Media

17 Jul 2022
Affordable Housing-Indian Real Estate Growth Engine

India's property market revival is aided by incentives for low-cost or affordable housing. The government's policy support has fueled India's desire to build affordable homes in 2021. Many reports by various agencies have suggested that this helped India, the second-most populous country, to see an increase in both annual and seasonal housing supply.
43% of total housing sales in India's eight largest housing markets were within the Rs 45 lakh price range. A report shows that home sales in India's eight top housing markets rose 13% in 2021 compared to 2020.

The loan disbursements and launches of new affordable/ low-cost housing projects have increased sharply, although there is still a significant supply shortage (#demand–supply-gap).
First-time home buyers are shifting to urban and semi-urban locations (cities and towns). This is where the epicentre has always been high-value properties that meet lifestyle and aspirational needs. As a result, a shift to the security of owning a home for the first time home-buyer has been a significant one.

As the concept of home ownership gained pace during this post-pandemic era. This was when the importance and necessity to have a home as a safe haven has become apparent. The younger generations, such as Gen Z and millennials, recognized the importance of owning a home.

A large number of affordable/ low-cost housing developments have been and are being built in Tier-II and Tier-III cities. 

This is boosting growth in these cities. Middle-income buyers love their new homes and enjoy safer neighbourhoods, better living conditions, and overall social growth.
These are just a few of the many benefits this segment has provided, which were impossible to imagine in the past. 

Low-interest rates on home loans have also been a major driver of home sales in the country, despite the slow recovery of the economy from the shock caused by the pandemic. As the deadlines for government subsidies close, we expect more activity in the housing sector in 2022, especially in the affordable home segment.

To encourage homebuyers, tax rebates, waivers in stamp duty and an increase in the capping for homes to qualify as affordable homes in cities to further incentivize homebuyers.

#TWN is hopeful that the government will consider extending the deadlines for affordable housing to ensure that India's second largest sector of employment is not lost.

"It is no longer a dream to own a home. Many Indian families have made it a reality and plan on continuing this trend in the next decade".

#AffordableHousing #LowCostHousing
#RealEstateIndia #MyGovIndia
#RBI #PMAY #HousingForAll

#Homebuyers #RERA

15 Jul 2022
10 Best Writing Apps To Improve Your Writing

Writing is a crucial skill set in today's business ecosystem and is the key driver behind delivering quality content for blogs, whitepapers, case studies, presentations or leisure. It is the best approach to reach out and engage your target audience as readers.
Writing is more than just putting words on paper. In this blog post, we at #TWN have listed the best applications available in the web and app domain to support your writing abilities and assist you with faster and more productive outcomes.

These applications and plugins are built to improve the efficiency and quality of your writing abilities and also help eliminate errors. These apps can help you identify various aesthetics of tone and presentation styling, and improve your writing competencies. These AI-oriented applications will not replace you but can help you create content faster.

We need to remember that the ability of writing is all about creating something unique and desirable, or, something your audience (reader) is looking forward to reading, or, something that engages your reader to further share with others, simply because he/she loves it.
We hope these shortlisted Writing Apps will be useful for you. 

#10 Best Writing Apps, for you, are:
#1 HubSpot Blog Topic Generator
#2 Plottr
#3 Canva
#4 Storyist
#5 Milanote
#6 Libre Office
#7 Coschedule
#8 Evernote
#9 Focus Writer
#10 Grammarly

Now, let's choose the best one for you...

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03 Oct 2021
Movie Marketing The Next Big Thing

The movie business isn’t all sunshine and roses. It requires a lot of decision-making. Especially in the marketing of a film. Learn about what movie marketing is and how it helps in selling tickets. #ThinkWithNiche

31 Jul 2021
Growing Your Business In The Pharma Industry

Stagnation in a company’s growth is every entrepreneur's worst nightmare. Not only this but not expanding your business into avenues that it can explore might also lead to a higher risk of it facing the brunt of sudden changes in the market. We are going to tell you about the things you need to be up to date with.#ThinkwithNiche

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