21 Sep 2022
International Peace Day 2022 : Eliminate War And Violence From World

An International Peace Day is an opportunity to announce peace in the world and within our country. Only individual efforts can bring about peace. Peace can only be achieved through collective efforts. Peace is what we all want. Peace is the key ingredient to a happy and fulfilled life. Individual and collective peace are two sides of the same coin. Peace should be the goal of all humankind. International peace day aims to persuade people to respect the dignity and value of peace. International peace day allows people to discover the wisdom contained in the idea of peace.

Citizens are encouraged to work together and use their creativity to ensure the security and peace of their communities. Peace is essential, and it is a part of our existence. This day helps us to appreciate the importance of better society and resilience. This day teaches us how we can make the world a better place by working together. Peace is the common goal of all people. Peace defines human existence. The concept of peace can be influenced directly or indirectly by equality, freedom, justice, uprightness, and sustainability.


25 Sep 2022
Oyo's Value Has Been Reduced By SoftBank To $2.7 Billion: Report
According to TechCrunch on Thursday, Masayoshi Son-led SoftBank has reduced the internal valuation of Ritesh Agarwal-run Oyo from its previous estimated valuation of almost $10 billion to $2.7 billion
25 Sep 2022
China Cut US Debt Holdings By 9% From The End Of 2021 To July 2022 
According to a report by Nikkei Asia, China has been steadily decreasing its US government debt. Some bonds were also moved to offshore tax havens to protect them from future sanctions. Accord
25 Sep 2022
The Fun Of WhatsApp's Free Calls May End Soon
The Department of Telecommunications (DoT) has reportedly sought its views from the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) on framing a framework for the regulation of internet messaging and voi
25 Sep 2022
Rupee Falls To 81 Against Dollar, When Will RBI Intervene?
The rupee continues to depreciate against the US dollar. On Friday, the rupee weakened and reached the lowest level ever. On Friday, the rupee fell by 39 paise to 81.81 in the opening session itself.
25 Sep 2022
Ambani-Adani Will Not Give Jobs To Each Other's Employees
Mukesh Ambani and Adani, the country's two largest business conglomerates, have entered into an agreement. Under this, their employees will not get jobs with each other. The name of this agre
25 Sep 2022
Sunny Deol's Film Chup Creates Pre-Booking Record, 1.30 Lakh Tickets Sold
On National Cinema Day, people thronged the cinema halls across the country on Friday. The offer of movie tickets for Rs 75 attracted people to theatres. This benefited Brahmastra as well as director
31 Jan 2022
The Art of Employer Branding In Bootstrap/Seed Funding Stage

Presenting a Special Industry Insight from our Esteemed Columnist: Vineeta Kukreti! Vineeta is a Senior Management Strategic Human Resource Professional with 20 Years+ of Experience in Human Resource Management & Business Consulting.

In this Blog Post, she has translated the key insights on Employer Branding in Seed Funding Stage and is a must-read for Aspiring Startups & Entrepreneurs!

Startups are inevitably important for a country's economy and are still one of the most overlooked prodigies.
That's expressly why most people aren't aware of what employer brand is and how critical it is for business.
Fortunately, this blog will walk you through some insightful revelations that will guide you on a clear route to success!
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19 Sep 2022
Contributions Of The World's Richest People To Fight Climate Change  

The world has evolved and is continuing to evolve. We are surrounded by technology and have access to items that make our lives easier. However, as humans evolved, we began to disregard nature. This has resulted in major climate change. This rare planet must now be saved. There is no planet B.
Many of the world's wealthiest people are contributing by donating money and investing in causes that address climate change. Here are ten billionaires who have made significant contributions to addressing this issue. Fortunately, these wealthy individuals are aware of the impact their actions are having on the world. So they're all doing their part to save the planet. Despite the gravity of the threat posed by climate change, many top billionaires are resisting or, at best, acting silently. This article will discuss some billionaires and what they are doing to combat climate change.

11 Feb 2022
The Great Resignation-How Do Organizations Combat it?

Decoding the great resignation where employees quit their jobs at record rates has been a key priority for organizations and researchers in the recent past. Economists believe the root cause to be the drastic changes that corporates were forced to introduce during the pandemic. This led to collective employee exhaustion and burnout leading to emotional and mental stress. #TWN

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03 Oct 2021
Movie Marketing The Next Big Thing

The movie business isn’t all sunshine and roses. It requires a lot of decision-making. Especially in the marketing of a film. Learn about what movie marketing is and how it helps in selling tickets. #ThinkWithNiche

31 Jul 2021
Growing Your Business In The Pharma Industry

Stagnation in a company’s growth is every entrepreneur's worst nightmare. Not only this but not expanding your business into avenues that it can explore might also lead to a higher risk of it facing the brunt of sudden changes in the market. We are going to tell you about the things you need to be up to date with.#ThinkwithNiche

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