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Sustainability Affordable and Clean Energy

Don’t Throw Away The Onion Peels: Try This Sustainable Trick

Who in their right mind doesn''t have onions in their kitchen? To produce the majority of curries and meals, and to make them even more tasty, onions must be used. We eat it raw as a vegetable, in salads, and as a garnish. It''s this well-known vegetab..
Business Small Business and MSME

Unskilled Labor-The Strength behind Small Businesses

Before one gets in-depth as to how unskilled labor is the key to growth of small enterprises, one must understand what a small enterprise is. Well, in simpler terms, a small enterprise is a firm which has less than 250 staff members. In many countries, almost ..
Business Demand and Growth

How Small Business Will Grow Using Digital Platforms.

A simple Google search will reveal that any business you can think of has some sort of internet presence, including those that you may consider direct competition for your own. Clearly, they''ve made the intentional decision to go with a virtual presence because of the expense. In fa..
Startup Growth Hacks

Payment Processing For Small Businesses: 3 Stress-Reducing Methods

Maybe your bank has merchant services accounts, or maybe a friend informed you about a solution that worked well for their flower store. Finally, your small business is special and needs a bit more research than the usual business ..
Business Business Profit

An Exclusive Guide On How To Start A Food Business

We all love food! It's definitely more than just a basic necessity for humans. The food industry contributes around 13% of India's export, 6% of total industrial investment, and about 8.80 % of Gross Value Added in Manufacturing and Agriculture res..
Entrepreneurship Business Innovation

Become A Young And Successful Startup Owner In No Time

Become A Young And Successful Startup Owner In No Time Startups seem to be very challenging now. Due to the covid-19 and this deadly pandemic, a lot has changed. Zero can just thin..
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