01 Jul 2022
How to Build a Perfect Digital Marketing Strategy for Your Business

A high-level digital marketing plan is the method of targeting key marketing goals that propel the company forward through increased business revenue. Creating a digital or internet marketing strategy necessitates an assessment of the goals that can be met through digital channels. Many businesses are trying to make their presence felt online. And for this, they need a perfectly crafted digital marketing strategy. If put into action correctly, this digital marketing plan will make or break the company. This blog is a thorough guideline that can help you with your digital marketing strategy. #TWN

31 Jan 2022
The Art of Employer Branding In Bootstrap/Seed Funding Stage

Presenting a Special Industry Insight from our Esteemed Columnist: Vineeta Kukreti! Vineeta is a Senior Management Strategic Human Resource Professional with 20 Years+ of Experience in Human Resource Management & Business Consulting.

In this Blog Post, she has translated the key insights on Employer Branding in Seed Funding Stage and is a must-read for Aspiring Startups & Entrepreneurs!

Startups are inevitably important for a country's economy and are still one of the most overlooked prodigies.
That's expressly why most people aren't aware of what employer brand is and how critical it is for business.
Fortunately, this blog will walk you through some insightful revelations that will guide you on a clear route to success!
#TWN #ThinkWithNiche #Social-Media

11 Feb 2022
The Great Resignation-How Do Organizations Combat it?

Decoding the great resignation where employees quit their jobs at record rates has been a key priority for organizations and researchers in the recent past. Economists believe the root cause to be the drastic changes that corporates were forced to introduce during the pandemic. This led to collective employee exhaustion and burnout leading to emotional and mental stress. #TWN

10 Feb 2022
Key Insights on Valuation of Businesses & Projects

Often in the course of my official and non-official capacity, I am asked about the valuation of businesses and projects. Often, I am amused by the terms that we accountants use to calculate “Value” and consequently, determine “Valuation.” Read on to explore key insights from my experience of this concept. #TWN

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03 Oct 2021
Movie Marketing The Next Big Thing

The movie business isn’t all sunshine and roses. It requires a lot of decision-making. Especially in the marketing of a film. Learn about what movie marketing is and how it helps in selling tickets. #ThinkWithNiche

31 Jul 2021
Growing Your Business In The Pharma Industry

Stagnation in a company’s growth is every entrepreneur's worst nightmare. Not only this but not expanding your business into avenues that it can explore might also lead to a higher risk of it facing the brunt of sudden changes in the market. We are going to tell you about the things you need to be up to date with.#ThinkwithNiche

01 Jul 2022
US Stocks Experience Worst First-Half Decline in Over 50 Years
The US stock market has seen its worst half-year since 1970. This is due to growing concerns about how inflation will impact economic growth. The benchmark S&P 500 index has fallen 20.6% in t
01 Jul 2022
After Government Raises Export Tax on Petrol and Diesel, Shares of RIL and ONGC Plunge
Friday's announcement by the government saw an increase in taxes for exports of petrol, diesel and Aviation Turbine Fuel (ATF). The centre also required exporters to comply with the domestic marke
01 Jul 2022
Lenskart Owns Japanese Eyewear Maker OWNDAYS
Lenskart, an Omnichannel eyewear brand, has bought a majority stake of OWNDAYS Japanese eyewear brand. Lenskart and OWNDAYS didn't disclose the financial details of this deal. Current sh
01 Jul 2022
MSMEs Digital Expansion is Speeding
MSMEs have been encouraged to adopt digital business models and work in the past two years. Small businesses are being impacted by a new wave of digitalization and innovation. Many have updated t
01 Jul 2022
Facebook Begins Testing NFTs with Select Creators
Facebook launched a test to support NFTs with select creators in the US. This is part of its efforts to capture the multibillion-dollar metaverse market. Navdeep Singh, a product manager at Meta (prev
01 Jul 2022
Reliance Brands, Join Hands With Pret A Monjeer
India's giant Reliance Brands has partnered with the global food chain 'Pret Monjeer'. Reliance Brands Limited (RBL) has joined hands with Pret A Monjeer, which operates a fresh food and o
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12 Apr 2022
The Man Behind Indian Constitution- Dr. Bheem Rao Ambedkar

April 14 is celebrated as Babasaheb Ambedkar Jayanti every year in India. Dr. Bheem Rao Ambedkar was the Father of the Indian Constitution, a Social Reformer, and a Visionary who devoted his life towards creating a society where everyone was equal (Right to Equality). On the auspicious occasion of Babasaheb's Birth Anniversary, let's shed some light on his life and his endless contributions.

The Blog Flow:
Introduction to Ambedkar Jayanti
Babasaheb's Early Life and his Contributions
The Poona Pact
The Drafting of the Indian Constitution
Blog Key Takeaways

09 Apr 2022
Steve Ballmer & His Success Mantra

In this blog, I will share the success story of Steven "Steve" Anthony Ballmer, an American investor, businessman, and philanthropist from Detroit. Steve Ballmer is best known as Microsoft's CEO.
He is the current owner of the Los Angeles Clippers. In January 2018, Ballmer was named the world's best businessman of the twenty-first century.
According to Forbes, Steve Ballmer's net worth is estimated to be around 95.9 billion dollars as of 2022, making him one of the world's richest businessmen. Let’s explore the
Success Story of Steve Ballmer. #TWN

03 Mar 2022
Satya Nadella’s Soul Touching Success Story

Reading the success tales of renowned professionals activates a motivational enzyme in us, and we all want to follow in their footsteps on our journey to success. ThinkWithNiche shares a motivational story about a successful professional with you. Read on to unocver the Success Story of Satya Nadella - CEO of Microsoft! #TWN