How To Market Your Business On Facebook

1. Engage Your Audience

Social media is well known for its ability to help you connect to your audience. Engaging with your target audience will increase brand awareness and help you tell your brand story.
2. Pay Attention To Your Audience

When you use social media to communicate with your audience, you need to listen when they respond.
3. Create A Giveaway And Contest Strategy

Running giveaways and contests on Facebook is a great way to make use of the platform for marketing purposes. Before you jump in, you should create a strategy.
4. Promote Your Events

Facebook is a great platform to market your events. You can create an event, and invite your friends.
5. Facebook Ads

Facebook advanced ads tool is what makes it the most popular platform for businesses. Facebook is a great place to run online ads.
6. Create a business page instead of a personal profile

To represent your brand, you need to create a Page for your business and not a personal profile. It is also against Facebook Terms of Service.
7. Claim Your Page Vanity URL

. Once you have created your business Page, it will get a randomly assigned number and URL
8. A Great Cover Photo Is A Must

Facebook allows you to display a cover photo of 820x312 pixels at the top and bottom of your business page to grab the attention of new users.
9. You Can Add A Profile Picture

Your profile picture is displayed at the top of your Facebook Page. It is also the thumbnail image that is displayed next to all updates. So choose wisely.
10. Create Custom Page Tabs.

Your page tabs default include Timeline, About, and Photos. Facebook allows you to create and leverage custom tabs. These are similar to landing pages.
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