Vibrant Gujarat : A Growth Model

Shining Example of India

Indian current PM, Narendra Modi, was Gujarat chief minister from 2001 to 2014. During that time, Gujarat, by most accounts, has been a “Shining Example”.
First Post-Independence Model of Governance

It is one of the most visible markers of the Gujarat Model, was “Made in India”.
Not Just a Model

It is an attitude, a leadership style, even an ideology..
Growth Engine of India

Mr. Modi claimed as Gujarat CM, “Gujarat is the growth engine of India, which attracts maximum FDI.”
Inspired Other States

It inspired other State Governments to emulate it. It has been replicated in varying degrees in various States.
Ease of Business

Vibrant summits directly contributed to the "Ease of Business" concept that Gujarat first mainstreamed in Indian discourse.
Become a Manufacturing State

As a result of its industrial activity, which also produced a model for replication on a national level.
Ensuring "Ease of Living"

Narendra Modi gave significant touch for the use of technology in reaching out to the people, ensuring "Ease of Living," and simplifying complicated layers of governance
Sabka Saath and Sabka Vikas

Gujarat was where its seeds were planted. Everyone together, everyone grows was the simple goal.
Holistic Gujarat Model

It covered all the activities of the State such as industrial, agricultural, services, human development indices.
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