Ten Best Biotechnology Business Ideas #2022

Explore Sustainable Business Ideas in the field of Biotechnology
1. Food Processing

The early signs of biotechnology can be found in the production of bread, curd, and other dairy products.
2. Vaccine Manufacturing

Vaccines employ biotechnology to provide liquid dosages that aid in the fight against a virus by infiltrating people immune system.
3. Biofertilizer Production

Biofertilizer is a type of fertilizer that uses living organisms to enrich the soil and, as a result, aid in the production of high-quality crops.
4. Seed Processing Unit

Hybrid seeds that produce a good crop are produced by seed processing machines. Because of their excellent yielding rate, these seeds are always in high demand.
5. Medicine Manufacturing

Biotechnology is widely used in the production and processing of medicines. These medicines are different as they are developed using living micro-organisms.
6. Agriclinic

A small-scale Agri clinic or agribusiness center is one of the best businesses in the biotechnology industry to start on agricultural land.
7. Biodiesel Production

Bio-diesel production unit can be established on a small-scale basis at any place where the main raw material Jatropha oil is easily available.
8. Vermicompost Production

A considerable portion of solid waste consists of “Organic Wastes”. And these are “biodegradable”.In addition, you can convert the waste into a highly “nutritive bio-fertilizer”.
9. Biopesticide Manufacturing

Biopesticides are Plant Protection Products that contain Biological Control Agents (BCAs) as microbial, pheromones, and plant extracts.
10. Compost Fertilizer Production

You can start this business with crop wastes, vegetable wastes, and kitchen wastes. Additionally, you can start the unit with small capital investment.
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