10 Antique Business Ideas

1. Furniture Refurbishing

You can purchase many antique furniture and, with your skills, refurbish them and sell them at a price that makes you work more day by day.
2.Antique Radios

You can sell them to people who want to decorate their homes with an antique radio on a shelf giving a vintage vibe to the room.
3. Antique Clocks

You can refurbish the clocks and sell them at a good price. Collectors love to purchase them for decorative purposes.
4. Selling Vintage Clothes

You can sell vintage clothes to people in movie production or making music videos. Also, with the return of old fashion, you might just sell a lot more than you think.
5. Depression Glass

Look for colored glassware in excellent condition and in desirable patterns like Cameo or American Sweetheart. Then keep an eye out for unusual pieces or shapes that may be worth a premium.
6. Original Paintings

Think equestrian paintings, pictures of famous people, and beautiful scenes. Pay special attention to paintings with signatures and those in beautiful frames, since those things can add value.
7. Rare Books

Some books can be extremely valuable, and it is not always the ones you think. Learn how to identify rare books, especially first editions that can sell for a lot of money.
8. Old Cameras and Lenses

For many years, digital photography has outstripped film cameras in terms of popularity, and many old film cameras have languished on shelves in storage units and attics.
9. Rare Coins

Old coin collections sometimes offer up some valuable prizes too. If you are sorting through some coins, keep a list of old coins that could be valuable.
10. Musical Instruments

Antique musical instruments are among the most valuable items you can find in your attic or at a thrift shop. Look for instruments in good, playable condition. Pianos can be valuable, as can violins.
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