6 Benefits of Buying an Electric Car

Convenient Charging at Home

EVs have a major advantage as you can simply plug in your vehicle at your home for 4-5 hours and you are ready to move again without any delay.
Cheap Running Cost

As EVs use electricity to charge batteries, the monthly running cost is a fraction of cost for petrol or diesel.
Reduce Maintenance Cost

The build of an electric car is such that you will end up spending less on servicing & upkeep because EVs have fewer moving parts which do not need as many fresh fluids or filters.

The EVs are attracting buyers because of the zero carbon emission and do not produce pollution. But consider the emission at power plants where power is generated, especially if it is a thermal plant.
Smooth Driving Experience

EVs are smooth and Quiet as there is no exhaust system, providing a pleasant and good driving experience.
Benefits on Tax

As per the Budget 2021 proposal, Electric and Hybrid Vehicles will be exempted from Green Tax. EVs are also exempt from road tax and registration costs in some states like Delhi.
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