The Modi Model : 20 Years of Efficient and Successful Governance

Mission-Driven Governance

Mission-Driven Governance includes a limited number of ideas that can produce noticeable outcomes in a single term and are carried out by a select group of people.
Support of Reliable Lieutenants

With the support of reliable lieutenants, the "supremo" chief executive had complete control over the party.
Economy Jumps

An economy that embraces quantum jumps rather than gradual change.
Modi Style of Governance

The key feature of Modi style of governance is that it is public-centric rather than govt-centric.
Schemes And Reform Initiatives

Modi asked all public offices to take schemes and reform initiatives to the intended beneficiaries rather than waiting for the people to come to them.
Technology Implementation

Evidence of how a large section of the population today uses technology can be seen in over 55 billion real-time digital transactions that take place annually. According to estimates, India has become the largest digital payment system in the world.
Several Schemes

Prime Minister, he launched several schemes for states, keeping an eye on state-specific factors. He instructed officials to design the projects by adopting a practical approach.
Fast Development

The reason for fast development in the infrastructure sector is the successful public-private investment model. Infrastructure is being rapidly developed for road, rail, water and air transport.
Foreign Policy of Modi

Modi approach to foreign policy is completely different from previous governments. Modi knows that to be an effective global power, India has to be strong, both financially and militarily.
Minimum Government and Maximum Governance

PM Modi gave the slogan of Minimum Government and Maximum Governance. Even his biggest opponents, both privately and publicly, believe that different thinking, new methods, transparency and novelty make Modi style unique.
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