Karma is What You Do

Doing the Right Things is What Brings in Happness
The Karma of Giving Back

Once this attribute is within us, we often feel the positives of what life gave us and how we gave it back.
Always Build Relationships

At the end of the day its all about what you created and what you got from the creation as the fruit.
Actions & Words Go Hand in Glove

You are responsible for your actions, it helps you not get onto a reactive mode.
Having A Great Tomorrow is Proportional to A Good Today

Work in Present, take note of the past experiences, and build a brighter tomorrow- A Future that Everyone Loves.
The Further You See The Better it is

To Build a Tall Building you need to have a strong foundation. Foundations are build with Focus & Determination.
Your are Doing it, As You are Loving it

The Desire to Overcome Failures and be Successful is Easy when you Love what you are doing. No one can hurt you as you will act if it pains.
Karma is A Direction Giver, Always

Where There is Ray, There is A Way. In case there is Darkness, Be the Ray and Keep Moving Forward.
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