Upcoming Expressways in India 2023

Nitin Gadkari - Minister MORTH

Gadkari Ji has always believed that politics is an instrument of socio-economic change. He also believes that roads are the gateway to prosperity.
Types of Expressways

National Highway- It consists of two, four or more lanes built by charcoal and few by cement concrete. State Expressways-Connecting remote areas of states By-Pass Expressways- a road passing around a town or its center to. provide an alternative route for through traffic.

An expressway consists of grade separation, ramps, raised portion and lane dividers. In India, expressways are generally 6 or 12 lanes. Let’s have a look at the top upcoming expressways in India in this AMP Story.
Delhi-Mumbai Expressway -1,350 km (Delhi-Mumba)

Delhi-Mumbai Expressway, one of India’s and the world’s longest expressways.This is the first in India to have helipads and fully equipped trauma centres for accident victims.
Hyderabad-Vishakhapatnam Expressway -221 km (Andhra Pradesh)

This Four lane route connects Telangana to Krishnapatnam and Visakhapatnam ports.
Hyderabad-Vishakhapatnam Expressway -221 km (Andhra Pradesh)

This route connects Telangana to Krishnapatnam and Visakhapatnam ports. Four lane expansion work is underway from Suryapeta to Khammam.
Raipur-Vizag Expressway -464 km(Andhra Pradesh)

The highway’s greenfield alignment will pass through the states of Chhattisgarh (124.611 km), Odisha (262.211 km) and Andhra Pradesh (99.629 km).
Amritsar-Jamnagar Expressway -762 km (Punjab, Gujrat)

This is 4/6-lane wide will reduce the distance and time travel between Amritsar and Jamnagar from earlier 1,430 km to 1,316 km (including Kapurthala-Amritsar section
Ganga Expressway -1.052 km (Uttar Pradesh)

This is a six-lane access-controlled expressway. The project would link NH-334 in Meerut District with NH-2 in Prayagraj District’s Prayagraj (Allahabad) Bypass.
Delhi-Amritsar-Katra Expressway -600 km (Delhi, Punjab)

This is 8 lanes wide controlled-access, connecting Bahadurgarh border near Delhi with Katra in Jammu and Kashmir via Haryana.
Indore-Hyderabad Expressway -713 km (Madhya Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh)

Expressway, is 4 lane semi access-controlled road by NHAI with a route alignment through Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra and Telangana.
Surat-Solapur Expressway - 464 km (Gujarat, Maharashtra)

This Expressway is a 6 lane partially access-controlled highway with an alignment passing by Nasik, Ahmednagar, Solapur, Kalaburgi, Kurnool, Kadappa & Tirupati to link Gujarat, Maharashtra, Telangana and Tamil Nadu.
Nagpur-Vijayawada Expressway -457 km (Andhra Pradesh)

This Expressway have5 packages. Vijayawada-Khammam, Khammam-Warangal, Warangal-Mancherial, constructed under the Greenfield Express.
Hyderabad-Raipur Expressway -330 km (West-central & South India Raipur)

This Expressway is six-lane expressway through Red corridor in Chhattisgarh, Maharashtra and Telangana states of central.
Kharagpur-Siliguri expressway-235 km (West Bengal)

The projects have been designed to decongest the state capital, Kolkata and improve the logistics efficiency of the state
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