Top 10 Digital Fashion Marketplaces


DRESSX is a popular online fashion site that features collections by world-recognized artists such as Van Gogh and Kandinsky, Schiele and Pacsun. California-based company, founded in August 2020,
2. Replicant

Replicant is a fashion marketplace and NFT that allows customers to wear digital clothes and designers can showcase their creations. This site accepts cryptocurrency as payment.
3. Auroboros

Auroboros, a digital fashion house, works in a different way from the other marketplaces. This is London-based company, which is part of Alexander McQueen charity work.

DIGITALAX, a NFT-based fashion marketplace, is primarily a site for virtual products. The web3 architecture allows the company to create the first Digital Fashion Operating System.
5. The Dematerialized

Lukso, a blockchain specialist in digital lifestyle, launched The Dematerialised, an NFT-based fashion marketplace.
6. Tribute to Brand

Tribute Brand, a digital fashion marketplace based in Croatia, is leading the charge in "contactless" and "cyber" fashion.
7. XR Couture

XR Couture 3D experts can help you choose the right photo to match the outfit. They can also digitally test your photos and order the clothes.

UNXD, a digital fashion marketplace for high-end fashion, works in partnership with Dolce & Gabbana, one of the most prominent names in traditional fashion.

ARTISTANT is an NFT-based marketplace for wearable collectables and digital fashion art.
10. Happy99

In late 2018, designers Nathalie Nguyen and Dominic Lopez posted a picture of a shoe design on Instagram under the brand “Happy99”.
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