OTT vs Theatre: who wins in this tug of war?

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OTT vs Theatre: who wins in this tug of war?
17 Dec 2021
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When it comes to movies and television series, consumers are more content-driven than ever before. The industry has taken on a new look thanks to OTT platforms. They provide viewers with a wide range of content and the ability to watch anything at any time and from any location. And as a result, they continue to attract an increasing number of spectators. #ThinkWithNiche

In India, the number of people watching movies is increasing all the time. There is enough passion and affection for movies, as well as plenty of content to watch. For a long time, movie theatres have been a fantastic source of pleasure. And, with the passage of time and the proliferation of OTT platforms and streaming apps in India, the rivalry is becoming increasingly fierce. There is a battle between OTT Platforms and Theatres in the drive to provide quality content to audiences. The future of movie streaming applications, OTT Platforms, and movie theatres appear to be quite bright, thanks to a growth in the number of moviegoers. Let's compare the two to see who wins this race: OTT Platform vs Theaters.

OTT vs Theatres

In India, both movie theatres and OTT platforms have unique selling points in the streaming industry. On the one hand, movie theatres provide the opportunity to see 3D films with excellent sound and picture quality. OTT Platforms, but on the other hand, have no language issues. Streaming Apps offer subtitles in a variety of languages, including regional ones, in addition to content in many languages. OTT platforms also allow you to watch customized information and provide suggestions based on your preferences. The price of a movie ticket varies depending on the film, showtime, and seats. OTT Platforms, on the other hand, charge money on a monthly or yearly basis, depending on the plans that provide different content and features. One advantage of streaming apps is that they provide a wide range of content to non-premium members. As a result, OTT Platforms are more cost-effective. While watching movies at home provides greater comfort, it also introduces more pauses and breaks. In a movie theatre, on the other hand, you can enjoy your movie without being disturbed.

Future of OTT platforms in India

Thus according to recent trends, OTT Platforms are on the rise and are here to remain. Television, cable, and theatres continue to play an essential role in Indian households, but OTT Platforms are gradually taking over. Any OTT Platform's subscriber base is mostly determined by its subscription fees. A streaming app's number of customers can be expanded by charging a small fee. Customers are always attracted by low prices. In India, one of the most significant issues for OTT platforms is pricing.

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Movie Theatres in India

Movie theatres have undergone a lot of changes over the years. Multiscreen cinemas have grown in popularity, whereas single-screen cinemas have declined. Due to high operating costs, many single-screen theatres have closed. For a long time, PVR and INOX have been the two main competitors in the entertainment industry. They both have a high market share and dominate the industry. The rationale for this is to provide viewers with something new and intriguing regularly.

Future of Theatre and OTT

There are numerous obstacles for movie theatres as a result of the conflict between OTT platforms and movie theatres. To be competitive and compete with OTT Platforms, movie theatres must continuously be introducing new elements to their audiences. Movie theatres should focus more on giving special effects content to viewers, such as IMAX, 4DX, and other formats, to entice them to the theatres. For the viewers, the food court is also a highly appealing aspect. People used to eat before or after seeing a movie, but today they eat while watching it. Movie theatres will also need to lower their rates a little, as OTT platforms now provide more content at lower prices.

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OTT Platforms are important for a variety of reasons. They work with a variety of devices, including smartphones, desktop computers, and televisions. OTT Platforms are also considerably more affordable than movie tickets in a theatre and are available at significantly lower pricing. Last but not least, they are extremely imaginative and one-of-a-kind.

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