Media Buying and Media Planning Definition and Process

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Media Buying and Media Planning Definition and Process
24 Feb 2022
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Media Buying and Planning are boons when it comes to understanding and researching the brand with inner depth. Let’s know more about it. We'll go through the fundamentals here: What is the media buying and planning? What is media buying process? This blog offers clear insights on these topics! #TWN

Keeping up with the fast-paced evolution of media can be difficult. A busy brand doesn't have time for that, understandable. Wouldn't it be great if you could have someone help you establish a media plan and then have someone else implement it at the lowest cost possible? That is precisely what a media buyer and planner do. We'll go through the fundamentals here. The people who decide which media platform to use for a new campaign are known as media planners. To make the best conclusion, they will research to determine how to meet the client's goals.

Media Planning Process

Internal Market Analysis

Internal market research entails gathering as much information as possible about the client. A media planner will quickly grasp the client's brand identity to determine their unique selling proposition.

Market Research From Outside

External market research entails examining the activities of competitors within the industry. A media planner will investigate how a company now creates advertisements and how it compares to the competitors. They'll also look at the target audience and what draws them in. This will aid them in deciding which media channels to use.

Setting Aims And Outcomes

A campaign is designed by combining the client's desires with what the media planner believes they should accomplish. A media planner can help you get the most out of every dollar you spend on marketing. A media planner can develop objectives and goals for a business by collaborating with media buyers.

Making a Financial Plan

The process of media planning begins with determining a brand's messaging. After that, a budget will be set aside to ensure that the message is seen on the appropriate platforms. The media planner will assign a percentage to each network when calculating a budget. For example, a brand might allocate 50% of its budget to social media and the balance to mobile ads, billboards, radio, and other forms of advertising.

What is Media Buying And How Does It Work

The media planners' strategy will be presented to the media buyers. They will focus on the most effective media channels and look for cost-efficient options once they have that strategy. A good media buyer will know everything there is to know about the present market. They're also in charge of cultivating vendor partnerships. The following are the specifics of what media buyers do:

Developing Contacts

It's all about who you know when it comes to media buying. Because they have access to the greatest deals through their relationships, a media buyer can help a business get the most return on investment.

Understanding Media Channels

As a media buyer, knowing the proper individuals is crucial, but understanding media channels is as crucial. Different media platforms are best for different target populations. A media buyer will have the most extensive understanding of media channels and will be able to locate the ideal place for a brand. They will also be skilled negotiators, ensuring that a brand receives the best possible bargain. The cost of advertising space will be determined by the amount of traffic and exposure it receives. It's no surprise that Super Bowl commercials are expensive. The price tag will be worth the return if the media planner allocated the funds wisely. A media buyer must utilize their negotiating skills to purchase a specific ad space for less than or equal to the amount budgeted.

Campaigns Are Being Fine-Tuned

After the media planner sends it out, the media buyer is in charge of the strategy. The media buyer will then monitor the channels being used to ensure that the campaign remains effective over time. As data about the campaign's performance is gathered, a media buyer might be flexible during this phase. A media buyer can utilize specific techniques like programmatic advertising to keep the campaign on track if it veers off course. A media plan will be prepared after the campaign is completed. This plan is the culmination of the campaign's final review.

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Media Buying and Planning helps in using market research to identify a target audience along with recognizing the audience's interests. It helps in identifying the audience's most receptive moments by creating material that motivates people to take action. We hope now you have better clarity of what is media planning process and the media buying process.


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