Learn Digital Marketing - Be a Digital Wizard

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Learn Digital Marketing - Be a Digital Wizard
28 Feb 2022
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Digital marketing is an ever-growing field, and jobs will only increase in the industry. Every brand wants to advertise itself and reach millions to sell its products and services. You will be able to channel your creativity and bring out something this world has never seen. Enroll yourself in these courses and see your career ship on full sail. In the article which you are about to read, you will find the best courses compiled so that you don’t have to beat around the bush. This career can help your creative side bloom and make you a wizard that enchants the customers. #TWN

Want to be a digital wizard?

You can be the jack of all trades and master of all with specialization in this field. If you can learn it, you will be living your life as you dream about. Today what can be marketed online can be sold in seconds. The product in itself doesn’t matter as much as the marketing does! How you present the product and services matters more for building a good clientele. To do that, you need to get specialized in digital marketing. Here we have gathered some courses for you to kickstart your journey as digital marketing personnel. Let’s learn more about this field and tap into the world of Digital Marketing Tips.

What is Digital Marketing?

It is a basic question anyone will ask before getting into the field. Marketing means advertising the product or services to get some potential customers. Now when the marketing is done over the internet, it becomes digital marketing. That’s a layman language, of course. Digital marketing is using digital technologies like mobiles, tablets, desktops, etc., and other platforms to advertise and promote your brand or service. You might think that digital marketing is something new but let me tell you, it is a decade-old technique. Digital marketing was developed back in the late 1990s and 2000s. It was a revolutionary development that changed the face of how marketing used to look. Today the integration of digital technology into the marketing field is used extensively.

Digital Marketing Tips and Tricks

Digital marketing involves both the digital tech and a person who is a marketing specialist. Even everyday life isn’t untouched due to which a person feels more comfortable in using digital tech rather than going to the physical shop all by themselves. The main aim of digital marketing is to convey the message very clearly and to constantly monitor the impact of the advertisement by looking at the journey of the customers. If we talk about the statistics, then more than ¾th of the American population logs in and goes online regularly. Among these three quarters, 43% are online more than once a day. Around 26% of them are constantly online the entire day. It shows how many customers digital marketing can target. It’s insane!

When we talk about mobile internet users, this figure goes even higher. 89% of Americans are online regularly, and around 31% are constantly active on the internet.

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Working as a digital marketer, you need to utilize these numbers for an effective way to develop a strategy to reach maximum people. There are ways to do it. It has many forms like online videos, Google ads, display ads, paid ads, collaborations, and posts.

Did these insights interest you? are you willing to take up digital marketing as a career? If yes, then welcome aboard! Let’s get you some good courses that can set your foot right into this industry. These courses are the best ones out there if you will search. You will find many courses online if you search Google. These courses only cover a particular aspect of digital marketing. For instance, some courses will only tell you about SEO, and some will be only about SEM. That’s why we have compiled the courses that cover a wide variety of concepts.

Digital Marketing Strategy Roadmap

We will talk about both paid and free courses, so choose according to your comfort. These courses will help you steer in the right direction on Digital Marketing Strategy Roadmap!

Google D.M Course (Free and with Certification)

Google has its online learning platform called Digital Garage, where many courses related to careers are available. Digital Marketing is one such subject that is readily available on Digital Garage by Google. The course comprises videos and written text materials. Some of them can be easily completed in three hours, while the rest might take up to 40 hours. The D.M certification is accredited by The Open University and IABE (Interactive Advertising Bureau Europe).

Reliablesoft academy (Paid Course with Certification)

Reliablesoft has been up and running since 2002 and is a pioneer in providing SEO and D.M services. The course offered has 10 courses that cover every aspect you need to learn for digital marketing. As soon as you complete the course, you can give the exams, and if you clear them, you will get a certificate which you can attach to your CV.

SEMRUSH Academy (Free Course with Certification)

You must have heard about SEMRUSH if you have researched even a little bit about digital marketing. It is the company that has some of the successful tools you would require in digital marketing. To help the people who use their tools, they have come up with an academy to teach many digital marketing aspects, all for free. They cover all basic concepts as well as advanced-level concepts. They even teach how to use their SEMRUSH tool correctly.

ClickMinded D.M course (Free and Paid both with Certification)

The founder of ClickMinded, Tommy Griffith, is an SEO expert and a trainer. He had done SEO-related work for some big companies like Airbnb and PayPal. ClickMinded now offers multiple courses on digital marketing targeting different aspects of it.

HubSpot Online marketing course (Free Course with Certification)

HubSpot Digital Academy offers the best courses on digital marketing and helps to get certified. This company is one of the leading SEO companies that offer brilliant tools like SEO tools, CRM, sales, and content marketing. Try HubSpot today!

Udemy D.M Course (Paid Course with Certification)

We all know about Udemy and its significance as a learning platform. Udemy offers courses that cover every aspect of digital marketing. The course bundle they have includes 12 courses to cover everything you need to learn. Though it is not a free course, you can learn a lot in exchange for some dollars as a fee. 

Simplilearn D.M specialist (Paid Course with Certification)

The courses offered by Simplilearn target beginners, and courses are easy to understand. They gave modules that teach PPC (pay per click) ads and other basic concepts on a beginner level.

Copyblogger Online Course

Copyblogger is one of the most popular sites when it comes to internet marketing (content writing to be precise). They offer a course that teaches about internet marketing and how one can write great content.

If you put in a little bit of your time, you might find many more courses that are not mentioned here. These are some of the best ones we have compiled for you. Digital marketing is an ever-growing field, and jobs will only increase in the industry. Every brand wants to advertise itself and reach millions to sell its products and services. You will be able to channel your creativity and bring out something this world has never seen. Enroll yourself in these courses and see your career ship on full sail.

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If these courses caught your attention, we have a book that you may like reading. To read the book, Click Here!


Digital marketing has prolific advantages and becoming a digital wizard isn't a mountain to climb with these elaborate courses. Once you successfully do so, you can easily earn from the internet!

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