Information To the Core About Social Media Marketing

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Information To the Core About Social Media Marketing
11 Oct 2021
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In Today's Business Ecosystem, Forward-Thinking Business Houses, Startups, and Mid-Size Organizations, along with their Media Planning Agencies have underlined the Scope of Social Media Marketing (SMM) as a Core Tool for Business-2-Brand interaction with their Target Audience. SMM supports the Business Journey and Builds Brand Awareness.

Present Marketing-Mix has seen the evolution of Social Media as the Key Platform for promoting and pitching Businesses and their offerings to prospects and end-users. The Global Reach and Easy Adoption of Social Media Platforms have enabled It as a perfect medium to enhance communications and sales numbers for almost all industry verticals. Social Media Marketing or SMM is a Perfect Marketing Tool for Targetting Prospects, converting them into New Customers, and further Engaging with them towards Building Brand Loyalty.

In this informative blog, the Reader would understand the importance of Social Media Marketing as a MARCOM Tool and its role as the Core Engagement Platform in Developing A 360 Degree Marketing Pitch. The Reader will also understand the key components which contribute to Social Media Marketing Success.


Understanding Social Media Marketing & Mix

Social Media is a Balanced Mix of Dynamic Platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, Spotify, and YouTube, to name a few. It is a Lethal Toolkit for creating a Successful Marketing Mix Model and catering to the Media Reachout Plan for Today’s Marketplace and Audience.
All Social Media Platforms have their importance, and one needs to have the right mix of a few of them or maybe all of them, to make a great advertising plan for brands.

The 4 Core Steps in the Journey of Creating A Successful Social Media Marketing Campaign include:

Pitch and Communication Strategy

To build an efficient go-to-market plan, it is imperative to comprehensively understand the product or service and its key attributes. After doing the same, one has to underline the main differentiation factors or the unique buying propositions Knowing Your USP of the product/service, and formulate the promotion and sales plan. After this, the pitch and communication strategy is prepared for all marketing mediums, including Digital (SMM). Keeping the focus on Digital and specifically Social Media, some key pointers must be kept in mind. The key message and visual aesthetics play a pivotal role in positioning the pitch to the desired target audience. Reflection of emotions and thought processes is essential to present the bigger picture of the storyboard. While strategizing the communication strategy, the competitor business study is critical. Industry-specific best practices help develop the punchline for the marketing push and pull strategy, and lastly, emphasize building brand awareness and loyalty.

Platform Selection and Media Plan

The Digital Marketing Platform, primarily the Social Media Platform, is the most desired mass medium choice for reaching out to and impacting most marketers and advertisers. The selection of the right platform mix for the Social Media Market is determined by keeping in mind the affinity and orientation of the target audience and the nature of the product/ service required to be marketed and pitched for revenue generation or loyalty. The Platforms selection is followed by Media Mix, which is the perfect distribution of push and pulls strategy for achieving the desired results. The media mix is governed by the financial injections (Ad. Budgets) required for the distribution of content on various platforms.

Publishing of Advertisement

Scheduling of Social Media Advertisements and Promotions is based on Consumer Interests, Behaviour, Demographics & Geographic Mix, clubbed with the best time for broadcast for creating maximum reach and engagement with the target audience. These social media advertising platforms are well planned and distributed and always provide favorable results. The publishing parameters can be molded further for greater engagement and revenue optimization.

Reach and Engagement

With the evolution of digital marketing mediums, and especially Social Media, the communication and outreach plans for brands are based on increased touchpoints available on consumer behavior and the urban lifestyle ecosystem. The engagements are based on influencer communities and viral movements built for brands by people for people.

People hold the power to engage with Brands, so cherish the positive feedback and improve on the negative ones by converting them into positive ones. The urban marketer engages with its audience with the latest tools and analytics to enhance the marketing reach and KPI Key Performance Indicators.

Information to the core of Social Media Marketing is all about how Social Media Marketing has and will always yield new path-breaking and engaging relations for brands and people, making it a cohesive ecosystem by each other for each other.

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