The Inspirational Story of JK Rowling!

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The Inspirational Story of JK Rowling!
26 Apr 2022
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The Harry Potter Series is a universal favorite! But how many of you know JK Rowling, the inspirational persona who created it? Today, in this blog, let us peep into her life and once again feel the magic of Harry Potter! Her life is not a typical one, but it surely is something that will make us question our dreams and passion and how we must work toward them.

This blog contains:

  • JK Rowling's early life
  • Her unfortunate life occurrences
  • Her success
  • Some FAQs


Harry Potter! Well, really! This one word opens an entire world of magic before us! It takes us back to the fantastic Hogwarts, the school of wizards, and its three musketeers - Ron, Hermione, and the genius Harry! There are so many scenes that stay with you and gleam in your heart when you think about them! I am not a very big fan of English movies. I saw the movie' Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's stone because of my twin nephews! They had read the book and became excited to watch the movie! And I became as excited as them after watching it!

Even at that time, this thought came to my mind how could someone think about such a unique fantasy! It was so different yet so heartwarming! Platform Nine and Three Quarters to board the Hogwarts Express and the strangest of ways to enter it! It was just out of this world! How could anyone think like that and make people believe it? But she could because she is JK Rowling!

JK Rowling in the Making!

JK Rowling is the pen name of Joanne Rowling, a British author and, Philanthropist born on July 31, 1965, in the beautiful town of Yate near Bristol in England. She is the mastermind writer behind Harry Potter. This iconic seven-volume children's fantasy series was published from 1997 to 2007 and gained tremendous popularity throughout the world! Later the novel series was adapted into memorable films by none other than Warner Brothers and became a worldwide sensation! Such is the magic of Rowling and her writing skills!

We all know the story of the enigmatic Harry Potter and his two friends, but little do we know about the personal struggle, heartaches, and emotional upheavals Rowling had to bear while creating this masterpiece. Harry Potter can also be referred to as the culmination of Joanne Rowling to JK Rowling!

Joanne Rowling is the eldest daughter of Anne and Peter James Rowling. Dianne is her younger sister. Her parents worked for the Royal Naval Services! Her parents met each other on a train while going for their postings from London to Scotland. Both of them came from middle-class backgrounds. Later they left the job and married in Yate to raise their little one! Peter opened a grocery shop!

When J K Rowling turned five, the family moved to a small village Winterbourne in Gloucestershire. A point to note here is that their neighbor was a family by the surname of Potter! She liked the name very much! So, it was no surprise that this name became the foundation stone of her dreams!

Rabbit: First Meeting with the Art of Writing!

Joanne was greatly inspired by her mother, Anne. Anne loved reading, and more than that, she loved reading stories to her children. The stories of animals of the author Richard Scarry had a great impression on Joanne, and she made her first attempt by writing a short story titled 'Rabbit!' She was six years when she wrote this story where the creatures from the books Scarry became her muse!

When she was nine years old, the family shifted into a beautiful ‘Church Cottage’ in another village, Tutshill, and she got admitted to the Church of England School. She remembers an incident in the class when she attained poor marks on the Arithmetic test. She was made to sit in the ‘Dunces Row’ (a mild English insult for slow learners) by her teacher Sylvia Morgan.

The Seven Cursed Diamonds: Blossoming of a Day Dreamer!

She joined a Brownies group. This group dressed as fairies, Pixies, and Sprites and performed at parties. They presented a magical world to give them respite from the harshness of Sylvia Morgan. At the age of eleven, she wrote another short story, “The Seven Cursed Diamonds”! During this phase, she said about herself, "Short and squat, thick National Health glasses living in a world of complete daydreams."

Secondary Education: Traits of an Artist Revealed!

Rowling went to Wyedean School and College for her secondary education. But she was tormented here. However, every dark cloud has a silver lining, and Rowling found her guiding light in her favorite teacher Lucy Shepherd who taught her the nuances of writing! At this age, she yearned to play an electric guitar! According to her Autobiographer, Smith, Joanne was shy and intelligent! She impressed her teachers with her imaginative skills! During her teenage, she read the books of the civil activist Jessica Mitford, and she became her idol. She read many books written by her.

Influence of Mother and the Art of Storytelling!

Rowling was under the great influence of her mother. Her mother, Anne, and sister, Dianne, always encouraged her. Dianne was admitted to the same school, and Anne took a job there to support her daughters. While returning from school, they used to discuss stories about the entire day. They were more sisters than mother and daughter.

The Dark Phase!

Rowling's mother was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. She had to leave her job, and their life was surrounded by sadness. Joanne did not have a good relationship with her father. In 2020, she wrote that her father would have liked a son. It was painful for her. She developed a severe behavioral disorder.

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JK Rowling and Her Net Worth

Money isn’t the factor to measure your success but it is among the essential fact that shows how much capable you are. JK Rowling broke the chains for her middle-class family line and has become among the richest authors. As of this year, her net worth stands at a whopping amount of $1 Billion

With that being said, we end this blog by saying that no matter how hard life lands the punches, you have to get up and hit back and show who is the boss. Live life on your own terms and never accept defeat.

Some FAQs related to JK Rowling

  1. How many books did JK Rowling write?

She wrote 22 books as of now.

  1. Does JK Rowling has a Twitter account?

Yes, she has a Twitter account (@jk_rowling)

  1. How many JK Rowling Movies are there?

Currently, 8 movies of Harry Potter and 3 movies of Fantastic beasts have been released.


From reading books of some amazing authors to becoming one famous author herself. JK Rowling's life was not a bed of roses but a bed of thorns, and she proved that thorns can be removed and roses can be grown. Her success motivates us to follow our dream without worrying about the results and opinions.  Life will throw curveballs and all you have to do is hit a home run.


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