Comparative Analysis Of Starbucks And Dunkin' Donuts

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Comparative Analysis Of Starbucks And Dunkin' Donuts
07 Oct 2021
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This survey sheds a thread upon nexus between the liking of Starbucks and Dunkin donuts among the youth and different age groups. But the results are just too unexpected to grasp! #ThinkWithNiche

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Coffee resonates with general citizens. A lot of people are dependent upon coffee because it contains caffeine, and helps a person to work longer. Now people assume that the word ‘coffee’ is derived from elements that keep them warmed up for the entire day and pumped up during work hours. However, there is a myth to this narrative. Coffee is not altogether healthy as it makes people pursue the idea of coffee ‘making a person alert’.   

If millennials are concerned, they most likely resonate with coffee company Starbucks more than the brands which are specialized in a sachet. The reason being Starbucks’ marketing strategy is way more powerful than other coffee brands like that of Dunkin Donuts.  Millennials don’t think twice before spending Rs. 300 for a coffee mug at Starbucks. This proves that the quality and service provided therein is in accordance with the popular culture as well. Their social media handles, pretty much promote modern ideologies to which ‘you’ and ‘I’ can relate. The ideas they share apart from their brand logo and services speak for themselves at length. 

Whereas Dunkin Donuts is more on the traditional side, they cater to the needs of the locals and their prices are reasonable. On the brighter side, Starbucks makes sure that they keep their customers engaged. Their very famous coffee mug theme where customers' initials are written on them makes it more appealing to the eyes of the customers. Likewise, you will find Starbucks coffee outlets at nearly every corner of the street as opposed to Dunkin Donuts. The coffee mugs and other savory items in Starbucks are easily accessible in the vicinity. They not only provide quality but also remain ace in terms of their marketing strategy.