Servotech is Turbo Charged with Deepak Kumar as the VP- EV Charger Business Vertical

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Servotech is Turbo Charged with Deepak Kumar as the VP- EV Charger Business Vertical
30 Mar 2022
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Servotech Power Systems Ltd., a company that has recently entered the EV market, has appointed Mr. Deepak Kumar as Vice President of EV Charger Vertical. The company is making significant strides in EV Charging Tech Infrastructure to complement overall EV Charging Solutions. #TWN

Before we get started, let me walk you through the Ecosystem of EVs in India!
You might wonder if there is an EV Policy in India. There is! One which focuses on Climate Change Mitigation, Improved Air Quality, Reduced Dependence on Oil Imports, and the Development of India's Electric Vehicle Industry.

The Central Ministry announced a Goal of Transitioning from New ICE (Petrol & Diesel) Vehicle sales to 100 percent Plug-in Electric Vehicle (EV) sales by 2030. The government also intends to make India a Global Hub for Electric Vehicle Manufacturing, following India EV Policy 2030. Servotech has been and continues to be a socially responsible organization and has a stern focus on building an energy-efficient and cleaner planet, with Lower Emissions and even lower levels of Global Warming in India by 2030.

EV Policy in India Image

However, the road ahead isn’t that easy! The EV market has several obstacles to tackle as challenges faced by ev Technology. What are they? Here are some major Barriers to the EV Market:

Electric vehicle owners face many challenges, including a lack of public EV charging stations, range anxiety, and a lack of service stations. There are a few EV charging stations in India. Amid a crowd of gasoline and diesel vehicles, owning an electric vehicle gives you a sense of uniqueness and distinction.

India lacks the necessary infrastructure and technology to support the production of electric vehicles. Efficient components, such as high-density batteries, continue to be a major challenge. Another challenge for electric vehicles is a robust supply ecosystem of charging stations.

That explains why there aren't more electric vehicles (EVs) on the road! The reasons for the slow EV adoption in India and Barriers to the EV Market vary by country. According to a survey, the most common reason for not purchasing one was a lack of fast charging points (37%), followed by concerns about range (35%) and cost (33%).

The future of EVs might seem a little hazy and vague at present, but with the dedication that Servotech has to improving the EV infrastructure and technology, it is safe to say, in the coming years, EVs will rule the roads in India. Why wouldn't they? There are profound Advantages of EVs.

Electric Vehicles (EVs) have many advantages, including:

  • Cleaner environment.

  • No congestion charge.

  • Lower running costs.

  • Renewable electricity tariffs.

  • Better driving experience.

  • Government funding.

  • Free parking.

  • Reduced noise pollution.

Now that you are aware of the Ecosystem of EVs and EV adoption in India, here's why I am writing this post:

This post is an effort to apprise #TWN Readers of the Press Release on the appointment of Mr. Deepak Kumar as the Vice President to accelerate Servotech Power Systems' journey in the EV Charger Market!

Before we move on to the Official Press Release by the company, let's introduce you to Servotech Power Systems Ltd.

EV Charging Solution for Business
Explore more on Servotech Power Systems company by clicking on the link or the banner below:

EV Charging Solution for Business Image

Servotech Power Systems Ltd., an NSE-listed company, has emerged as a pioneer in developing out-of-the-box solutions by integrating technology and innovation. The company is engaged in the end-to-end manufacturing, procurement, and distribution of a variety of high-end yet advanced solar products, medical devices, and energy-efficient lighting solutions. Having recently entered the EV market with the release of High-Tech EV Charging Equipment, the company intends to quickly establish EV Charging Tech Infrastructure across India and accelerate the country's transition to the "Electric Revolution."
With a remarkable legacy of over two decades in establishing Solar-Powered Infrastructure and commissioning large-scale projects across India, Servotech is dedicated to not only setting benchmarks but precedents one after the other in providing nothing but the best. 

To provide the clients with the utmost sincerity and devotion, the entity believes in not only serving but also in building long-lasting relationships. Leading with expertise and driven by excellence, cutting-edge technological advancements combined with game-changing innovations are central to Servotech, which has resulted in its astounding success. The company has become synonymous with excellence and perfection in a relatively short period since its inception. Servotech, widely regarded as a credible and dependable solution provider, has successfully established itself as a national juggernaut. Servotech aims to provide clients with critical advice by introducing solutions that not only meet but exceed expectations. With a laser-like focus on quality, the company continues to ensure complete client satisfaction while rapidly expanding.

EV Charging Solution for Business Image

Servotech has recently appointed Mr. Deepak Kumar as the Vice President of EV Charger Business. A Press Release has also been published on this subject! Read on to explore it:

New Delhi: Servotech Power Systems Limited, a leading company engaged in the manufacturing and distribution of high-end solar products, LEDs, Oxygen Concentrators and EV Charging equipment, has announced the appointment of Deepak Kumar as its Vice President of EV charger vertical.

In this role at Servotech, Deepak Kumar will lead End to End Supply Chain & Operations for EV Charger Vertical. He will be closely working with Directors, Chief Operating Officer and Chief Technical Officers for the smooth Product Development, Lean Processes, Mass Production and Distribution of EV Charger in both AC & DC Segment. With his appointment, Servotech intends to strengthen its leadership team.

Deepak has extensive experience of Two decades in the Automotive & Telecom sectors majorly with Honda Cars India Ltd., Tata Motors Ltd. and Tier 1 Automotive Suppliers. He is an avid Learner and keep on adding new skills like Lean Six Sigma Black Belt (LSSBB®) and Certified Supply Chain Professional (CSCP®). In his last stint as DGM (SQA) he has strengthen Supply Chain by improving Product Quality with Strategic Suppliers and Quality Management Systems (QMS) at Leverage & Critical Suppliers. Previously at Honda Motors he has successfully delivered many improvement projects as Manager in Procurement & Supply Chain, he has successfully executed alternate sourcing, localization, development & delivery of Amaze, City and Jazz components and played pivoted role in smoothening domestic, Imports/Exports Inbound & Outbound Logistics with advance Risk Identification & meticulous Contingency Plan. During his initial phase of career, he utilized the opportunity to understand Tata’s model of “Centre of Excellence” and delivered improvements through implementing Kitting concept at Cowl Assembly shop and Productivity & Quality improvement at Frame Assembly shop with Line Balancing & Strengthening QMS. Over the years Deepak has demonstrated strong capabilities and a few of them are Supply chain design, planning & optimization, alternate sourcing, procurement, vendor & component development, VAVE, VSM, End to End Logistics, Lean manufacturing processes & Leadership.

Commenting on the announcement, Raman Bhatia, Founder & Managing Director, Servotech Power Systems said, “We are delighted to welcome Deepak to the Servotech team. Servotech will benefit immensely with his vision, expertise and SCM skills. We are sure that with his wealth of experience he will be able to help Servotech scale newer heights in the EV Industry”

Talking about his new role, Deepak Kumar, Vice President, EV Charger, Servotech Power Systems said, “No doubt Electric Vehicles are going to drive Automotive segment back to its past glory, as estimated by Grant Thornton Bharat and the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce & Industry suggest India will need more than 4,00,000 charging stations for the 20 Lakh-plus electric vehicles that could be on its road by 2026, with this growth rate EV Charger is definitely having vast scope and potential in near future. Looking at the market dynamic of this segment and the pace with which disruptive technologies and multiple new entrant are knocking the door, we need to pull up our socks and endeavour to deliver On Time Quality Product with competitive pricing in a most sustainable way”

Servotech is focused on expanding its team to over 1000 full-time employees in the coming 9 months. Currently, the company has over 200 employees.  

Recently, Servotech announced its foray into the EV market and initiated the manufacturing of smart tech-driven innovative EV chargers for installation at various EV charging stations across the country. The decision of embarking on this new journey is in line with its vision of developing solutions in accordance with the Government's Make in India initiative and steering the nation towards a greener and sustainable future.

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