Upcoming Marvel Movies That Will Quench Your Thrill-thirst!

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Upcoming Marvel Movies That Will Quench Your Thrill-thirst!
25 Mar 2022
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If you are a fan of superhero movies, it's impossible that you haven't seen any marvel movie. Marvel has probably the biggest fan base in the movie world, this was proved by the earnings of Endgame. Being a Marvel fan myself, I think it is my duty to make each and every Marvel fan aware of the upcoming movies from the Marvel side. Hence, here is a list of every upcoming movie that has been officially announced by the Marvel studios. #TWN

Why did the chicken cross the road? Well, who cares? The only thing that you care about is the list of all upcoming marvel movies and their release date, and even I want to share every bit of information that I am aware of about the MCU Phase 4 movies. Most of you reading this blog will be in your early 20s and should be worrying much about your upcoming college exams or your jobs but look who decided to show up to read my article; I am just kidding, please don’t quit reading my blogs, you guys are my bread & butter. Some of these new marvel movies will be released in 2022, but some of the movies even have their release schedule in 2024 end. Don’t be disappointed, my friend! There is an age-old saying, “Patience is bitter, but its fruit is sweet.” So be patient and enjoy the process, but if you want to get an idea about the plots of these movies, you can always read the comics on which these movies are based, and if you don’t want to go through soo many comics, you can always read my blogs for the brief explanations of the movies (#Self endorsement). Ok, enough talk! I won’t make you wait like the MCU and will jump right into the purpose of this blog. So, here is a list of every movie that MCU (I beg your pardon! MCU is now MCM i.e., Marvel Cinematic Multiverse) has announced till far, that is going to be the part of their Phase 4. This list is only going to include every movie announced by the studious, and will not include any of the movies that are just rumored.

1.) Dr. Strange: Madness Of Multiverse

The Multiverse was officially introduced to us with Spiderman- No Way home, but this movie will properly explain the multiverse and the possibilities it will bring along with it. The madness of Multiverse is probably the most awaited movie of Marvel, and there is a good reason behind it, Dr. Strange was the person who actually opened the door for the different universes to combine with the prime universe, it was his spell that caused so much chaos in the Spiderman movie, but we marvel fans don’t want him to clean up this mess, in fact, we want him to create more chaos, cause who likes normal? (Let’s accept it guys; the hunger for thrill and adventures has made us selfish. We don’t care how messed up our heroes life are; all we care about is our entertainment.) After the release of this movie's trailer, many questions have arisen in the mind of fans, but the question that is giving every fan sleepless nights is, who will be the villain of this movie? Some are assuming that it would be Wanda (I wish from the bottom of my heart that she is not the villain), and some are assuming that the villain would be some other variant of our Dr. Strange. If we were to believe fan theories, we can even see the introduction of the superior Iron Man which is rumored to be played by Tom Cruise. But whatever may be the case, one is sure to happen, a lot of magic and a lot of action. This movie will release on May 6, 2022.

2.) Thor Love and Thunder

Marvel disappointed us way too much when they weakened our God of Thunder after the Infinity Wars. We all love the Thor with big muscles, not the thor with a big belly. Even he was shown as a drunkard and mentally unstable. Thor was almost unrecognizable in the Endgame, and this is the reason why we fans are desperately waiting for the movie Thor Love and Thunder, as it is predicted that we will witness the return of our old Thor. One more reason for the hike of this movie is the villain, Gorr The God Butcher. As clear by his name, this character destroys God, and in the comics, he was even successful in making Thor unworthy. It is rumored that Christian Bale would be playing the character of Gorr, which makes the introduction of this character even more special. I have a lot of expectations from this movie, and I hope that we will even witness the return of Loki in the movies. The release date of this movie is July 8, 2022, and marvel we beg you to please provide us with the trailer.

3.) Blackpanther: Wakanda Forever