Top 10 Global IT Companies 2022

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Top 10 Global IT Companies 2022
24 Apr 2023
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The Information Technology (IT) sector has already been expanding for several years, and with a renewed emphasis on technology, automation, and software, the industry is expected to expand further in 2021-2022. During the pandemic, many industries turned to information technology firms to streamline their systems and processes to enable remote work, sales, marketing, and even industrial production.

The global IT industry continues to grow at a rapid pace, with new technologies and innovations emerging regularly. Some of the top global IT companies have become household names, thanks to their cutting-edge products and services. According to market research, the top IT companies in the world include Apple, Microsoft, Alphabet, Samsung, and IBM, among others. These companies are responsible for developing some of the world's most widely used products, such as smartphones, laptops, and search engines. These companies also invest heavily in research and development. As technology continues to shape the world, these IT companies are expected to play an even greater role in shaping the future of society and the economy

Here in this article, we will be covering the top IT companies that made big this year all over the world. we might even learn a thing or two from these tech giants which we can apply to our startups or small businesses. 

We have witnessed the growth of industries worldwide and I can say that we just entered the second phase of the industrial revolution that started 100 years back. The IT sector is booming with companies entering the field at a rapid rate. This is the reason that IT firms are generating revenue beyond imagination. This article will cover the top 10 IT companies in the world that made their mark in 2022.

The Information Technology (IT) sector has already been expanding for several years, and with a renewed emphasis on technology, automation, and software, the industry is expected to expand further in 2021-2022. During the pandemic, many industries turned to information technology firms to streamline their systems and processes to enable remote work, sales, marketing, and even industrial production.

IT investment increased in 2020 and 2021, as did the growth of software services, products, and tools. Technologies such as IoT, cloud computing, online security, and so on have been the focus areas of the IT services provided by these top software companies to clients in various industries such as BFSI, Manufacturing, Retail, Energy, Telecom, and so on. The majority of IT services are provided in the United States and Asia, which account for one-third of total global business.

World’s Biggest IT Companies Ruling 2022

Many of you might already know some the companies like Microsoft, Accenture, IBM, etc., are bound to be present in this list (because, why not!) followed by some product companies. Without beating around the bush anymore, let’s talk about the top 10 IT companies in the world.

14. Apple

Apple is an American multinational technology company headquartered in Cupertino, California. The company designs, develops, and sells consumer electronics, computer software, and online services. Here are some latest facts and data about Apple:

  • As of January 2023, Apple's market capitalization was approximately $3.1 trillion, making it the world's most valuable publicly traded company.
  • In the first quarter of 2023, Apple reported revenue of $123.9 billion, up 8% from the same period last year.
  • Apple's iPhone is the company's largest source of revenue, accounting for over 50% of sales. The company sold 78 million iPhones in the first quarter of 2023.
  • Apple's other products and services, including the iPad, Mac, Wearables, Home, and Accessories, and services such as the App Store and Apple Music, accounted for $44.5 billion in revenue in the first quarter of 2023.
  • Apple has a strong focus on sustainability and announced in January 2023 that it aims to be carbon neutral across its entire supply chain by 2030.

13. Alphabet Inc

Alphabet Inc. is an American multinational conglomerate headquartered in Mountain View, California. The company was created through a restructuring of Google in 2015 and is now the parent company of Google and its various subsidiaries. Here are some latest facts and data about Alphabet Inc:

  • As of January 2023, Alphabet Inc.'s market capitalization was approximately $1.8 trillion.
  • In the fourth quarter of 2022, Alphabet reported revenue of $80.7 billion, up 36% from the same period last year.
  • Advertising continues to be Alphabet's largest source of revenue, with Google Search and YouTube driving the majority of the company's ad revenue.
  • Alphabet's cloud computing division, Google Cloud, has been growing rapidly and reported $7.9 billion in revenue in the fourth quarter of 2022, up 63% from the same period last year.
  • Alphabet has faced regulatory scrutiny in recent years, including antitrust investigations by the US Department of Justice and European Union.

12. Samsung Group

Samsung Group is a South Korean multinational conglomerate headquartered in Seoul, South Korea. The company is involved in various industries, including electronics, finance, and construction. Here are some latest facts and data about Samsung Group:

  • As of January 2023, Samsung Group's revenue was approximately $224 billion.
  • Samsung Electronics, the company's flagship subsidiary, is the world's largest manufacturer of smartphones and semiconductors.
  • In the fourth quarter of 2022, Samsung Electronics reported revenue of $65.9 billion, up 10% from the same period last year.
  • Samsung's semiconductor division is a key driver of the company's growth, with the company being the world's largest memory chip maker.
  • Samsung has been focusing on expanding its presence in the electric vehicle market, announcing plans to invest $205 billion in the sector by 2025.

11. Broadcom Inc

Broadcom Inc. is an American semiconductor company headquartered in San Jose, California. The company designs and develops a range of semiconductor and infrastructure software solutions. Here are some latest facts and data about Broadcom Inc:

  • As of January 2023, Broadcom's market capitalization was approximately $218 billion.
  • In the fourth quarter of 2022, Broadcom reported revenue of $7.8 billion, up 13% from the same period last year.
  • Broadcom's largest business segment is its semiconductor solutions division, which reported $4.5 billion in revenue in the fourth quarter of 2022.
  • The company has been expanding its presence in the enterprise software market, acquiring several software companies in recent years.
  • Broadcom has faced

10. DXC

DXC is an IT services provider that was formed when HPE merged its IT division with CSC. DXC Technology, founded in 2017 as an acquisition of HPE and CSC, has grown to be one of the world's largest IT companies. As of today, the possesses extensive operations in over 70 countries around the world. The company is propelled by a strong team of more than 120,000 employees spread across the globe. The company provides critical IT services across the Enterprise Technology Stack to push the businesses of a variety of organizations. The company is a pioneer in BPOs, analytics, engineering, apps, security, cloud, and IT outsourcing, among other things. DXC has also strengthened its market position through several acquisitions. Tribridge, Molina Medicaid Solutions, and Luxsoft are three notable acquisitions. As part of this campaign, the company actively sponsors sporting events such as motorsport and rugby.

The Revenue generated in 2022 is about 17.7 billion dollars

The net Income of DXC is 3.6 billion dollars

9. Cognizant

Cognizant is a leading IT services company that assists clients in transforming their established company, operating, and technology models to take advantage of rapidly changing digital technology. Cognizant is continuously able to maintain its position as one of the world's most respected and fastest-growing companies. Cognizant’s one-of-a-kind industry-based consulting approach actually assists clients in developing more innovative and efficient businesses. Its headquarters are in the United States. Cognizant is also a Nasdaq member and ranks 205 on the Fortune 500 list.

From $7.7 billion to $13.5 billion, Cognizant's revenue has steadily increased. By 2016, it had a massive workforce of around 260,000 people. Cognizant is aggressively investing in digital services to increase value for stakeholders or stockholders through an increased return on capital. Cognizant is assisting banks in revolutionizing lending by assessing risk through predictive analytics based on customer financial history. They analyze rich borrower data using advanced analytics tools, allowing banks to better predict a customer's creditworthiness and make various informed choices to lend money to those with lower credit risk. It also assists qualified individuals and businesses in obtaining the necessary financing. Cognizant is ranked tenth among the world's top information technology (IT) firms last year.

This IT tech giant generated a revenue of about 18.5 dollars and the net income of the Cognizant is 2 billion dollars.

8. Capgemini

Capgemini is among the top 10 IT companies in the world and there is a reason.

Capgemini, a French firm headquartered in Paris, has global operations in over 40 countries. The brand is a leading company in IT services, offering consulting, professional services, and outsourcing, among other things, and is powered by over 190000 employees. Capgemini has solidified its reputation as a major IT company in recent years by acquiring several other industry players. In the last few years, the company has acquired several companies, including iGate, Fahrenheit 212, LiquidHub-US, and others. All of these acquisitions have increased the company's business in the IT, technology, and strategy domains.

Green IT is another business initiative of Capgemini that has elevated the company to the ranks of the world's top IT firms. Serge Kampf founded the company in 1967, and it has since become one of the industry's pioneers. The company employs over 100,000 people in India. With quality performance time after time, the company has also received several awards from organizations such as Gartner, Forrester, Backbase, and others. Capgemini was ranked ninth in the Top IT Companies in the World 2021.

The revenue and Net Income of Capgemini are 20 billion dollars and 1 billion dollars, respectively.

7. Deloitte

Deloitte is one of the world's largest professional services firms, serving clients all over the world with options ranging from consulting firms to IT technology consulting. Deloitte refers to the network of affiliated companies of Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited, a private company based in the United Kingdom. The company's global headquarters are in New York City, United States. The company's services include consulting, auditing, taxation, financial advisory, and risk management. Deloitte, as one of the largest management consulting firms, generates significant revenue from IT consulting and advisory, making it one of the top IT companies in the world.

Deloitte currently generates revenue of 20.79 billion dollars.

6. TCS (Tata Consultancy Services)

Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) has been named the No. 1 Indian Multinational Information Technology (IT) firm, with revenue generated across multiple domains. TCS's headquarters are in Mumbai, India, and it has many functional domains such as consulting, software development, supporting infrastructure, and business process outsourcing. It is one of the top ten revenue-generating IT service providers in the world. It was also ranked 10th on the Fortune India 500 list in 2017. It has clients in a variety of industries, including banking and finance, consumer goods and allocation, information exchange, media and technology, energy resources and utilities, premiums, manufacturing, life sciences and healthcare, retail, and public services. It has overtaken Reliance Industries in terms of market capitalization, reaching Rs. 6.19 trillion, and has become India's most valuable company. TCS is expanding its technology portfolio and developing cutting-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, the internet of things, cloud computing, and cyber security. TCS was ranked sixth among the top ten information technology (IT) companies in the world as of 2021.

The revenue and net income of TCS are 25 billion and 5.2 billion dollars, respectively.

5. SAP

SAP has successfully established itself as a worldwide leader in corporate applications in terms of software and related services. SAP is the world's third-largest software manufacturer by market capitalization, with over 88,000 employees in over 130 countries. SAP has over 380,000 loyal customers in more than 170 countries that SAP proudly serves. SAP has a long history of technological innovation, and it has always prioritized the development of new technology, which has resulted in the establishment of 100+ innovation and development centers around the world. SAP is leveraging machine learning algorithms, the Internet of Things, blockchain, cloud, and SAP HANA to fix a wide range of business problems across industries and geographies.

SAP HANA enables businesses to integrate processes from start to finish and improve their business models in order to create massive amounts of value for their customers. SAP was the first corporation to build ERP solutions for supply chain management and logistics, and it is always focused on extending business operations beyond customer expectations. They can achieve vast scale and a large market share through successful partnerships and networking. The company intends to migrate 90% of its SAP customers to the new platform by 2025. They want to get rid of paper-based processes as well as redundancy. They also want a billion people to use our cloud solutions, as well as half a million businesses of all sizes to use SAP software so that they can overcome complexity and simplify their operations. SAP was ranked fifth among the world's top IT companies in 2021.

The revenue and net incomes of SAP are 32 billion and 5.2 billion, respectively.

4. Oracle

One of the best IT services companies in the world, Oracle’s headquartered in Redwood Shores California. With a workforce of around 130,000, Oracle has the second-highest earnings in the software development industry after Microsoft. The firm is well-known for its ERP solutions, database development and management software, supply chain management software, and customer relationship management (CRM) software. Oracle has a large customer base, with over 400,000 customers worldwide and a presence in over 150 countries across a wide range of industries. Oracle is known for its user-friendly applications and always strives to remove complexities from the applications they build, such as data center operations and cloud applications, which can be impediments to business model innovation, speed, flexibility, ease of maintenance, reliability, security, and engineering.

Oracle is also expanding its possibilities in AI, machine learning, IoT, blockchain, and human interface technologies, all with the goal of improving customer capabilities so that they can create their own innovative products and services. Oracle invests heavily in research and development, with a total investment of 6.5 billion dollars in 2017. Oracle ranked fourth among the world's top IT companies in 2021.

Oracle’s Revenue and Net incomes are 40.5 billion and 15 billion dollars, respectively

3. Accenture

Accenture is one of the world's biggest Information Technology (IT) industries and is listed in the Fortune Global 500. It is a multinational management consulting firm that offers professional services such as strategy, consulting, technology, and operations. Accenture began as the business and technology consulting arm of Arthur Andersen, an accounting firm. It split in 1989, and Andersen Consulting adopted its current name, Accenture, which means "accent of the future." More than 400,000 people work for the company worldwide. Accenture has several business units, each of which contributes significantly to the company's overall revenue generation. Accenture Consulting offers mobility consulting as well as digital marketing analytics.

Accenture’s revenue and net incomes are 51 billion and 5.1 billion dollars.

2. IBM

The company began as a computing recording company before being renamed IBM (International Business Machines) in 1924. IBM's headquarters are in Armonk, New York, and the company has a diversified portfolio of software solutions that it is expanding to meet the current and growing needs of new and existing users. Cloud computing, cognitive computing, big data and the Internet of things, IT infrastructure, and security are major revenue generators. IBM's revenue is increasing by double digits. In 2017, it successfully consolidated its position as a leading venture for cloud services and a blockchain leader in the industry.

IBM’s revenue and net incomes are 57 billion and 5.7 billion dollars, respectively.

1. Microsoft Corporation

I know this was known to you all that Microsoft will stay at rank 1 like it did the past few years.

Microsoft Corporation, headquartered in Redmond, Washington, is one of the world's largest corporations. Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Office, Internet Explorer, and other products are used by nearly every professional on the planet. Microsoft was founded on April 4, 1975, by Bill Gates and Paul Allen, and it has grown its market share by expanding its services from the operating system market to certain other types of software. It also took full advantage of strategic acquisitions, i.e., increasing revenue through the acquisition of a number of companies. Finally, in 2016, Microsoft paid 26.2 billion dollars for the acquisition of LinkedIn, and it paid 8.5 billion dollars in 2011 for the acquisition of Skype Technologies.

With the rapidly evolving environment, there is a new paradigm change in technology, and Microsoft is attempting to lead this new golden age as a front runner. In the future, Microsoft will focus on new innovative technologies such as machine learning, artificial intelligence, and cloud computing to drive new growth that will allow them to build its own digital skills and provide rigorous solutions for a variety of users.

Without any doubt, Microsoft Corporation is the top IT company in the world.

Microsoft’s revenue and net incomes are 168 billion dollars and 61 billion dollars, respectively.

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These are the top 10 IT companies that held the top positions in the list. Innovation and a rigorous problem-solving attitude are the reason we are seeing such tech giants ruling the IT sector. Which company do you think will move up the ladder and take the first rank next year? Do let us know.


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