Know the Must-Have Leadership and Human Values

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Know the Must-Have Leadership and Human Values
20 Apr 2022
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The constant competition to move forward, the stubbornness to leave others behind, and the desire to get more and more benefits have caused a lot of negative effects on the mind of the people.
For their convenience or rather for their selfishness, people have coined all kinds of rhetoric or beliefs and are distributing them like ravages among the people, which is affecting people faster than the coronavirus. Human values are getting diminished in almost all walks of life. #TWN

The business world is also not untouched by some misleading and negative thoughts or assumptions, and humanity is missing from the business leaders.

How a Leader should be?

There can be many answers to this question, but the most popular one is that a leader should be a very strict and quick decision-maker, more mind than heart, etc. Meaning, who should he prioritize between being a tough decision-maker and being a good person?

The notion that "it has to be harder to do difficult things" is not true. On the contrary, we are more human when doing difficult tasks, or rather we have to work hard to achieve our goals. Human values ​​"Being more human" have to be carried along with the positive concept of being more human.

Compassion, intelligence, wisdom, and spontaneity are the three elements that should be the primary qualities of any leader. World-famous author Shakespeare explains in his poem Mercy that "mercy is full of blessings, it blesses not only the giver but also the taker." "Wisdom" is a quality that comes from experience.

It cannot be obtained from anywhere in a short time; it is not acquired by knowledge; it is gained by experience. Knowledge makes you knowledgeable. Intelligence makes you easy and innocent. If you are really intelligent, then spontaneity automatically makes you a personality. 

An intelligent leader should have a deep understanding to motivate people and the courage to take positive decisions even in difficult and uncomfortable situations with complete transparency and taking everyone along. In this type of leadership, employees enjoy their work.

Feeling the experience of making every effort for the progress of the organization themselves, the employees feel more comfortable under the leadership of a leader with superior qualities, and as a result, their productivity and the productivity of the organization increase.

We all want to do well in our field and also want to be appreciated, it is also natural. A true leader respects the present strengths of his employees, identifies their hidden talents, and prepares them for future challenges to perform even better. Doing this can sometimes make some people uncomfortable because they think we are already doing well. But leadership is not about making anyone satisfied or dissatisfied, but it is an art that teaches people to face challenges, challenges, which people want to escape from.

What should a leader be like?

People can have different opinions on this subject. Be it at any stage of life, be it in any business, profession, job, job or in the field, in any role, this is the biggest truth that we should always remember that we are human beings before anything happens. And because of this, we have to understand the importance of human values ​​and make them a part of not only our personal life but also our profession. Such an embrace of human values ​​will surely infuse satisfaction, joy, and energized energy into our lives.

Human Values in Business

Values serve as the compass for our lives. Leadership takes place within the framework of basic principles. Leaders inspire and enable others to have a positive impact on their own lives while also contributing to the greater good. As the competencies of leadership are engaged – taught, developed, and practiced – within the set of core values, values inform the application of leadership attributes. We can have a far broader influence by concentrating on what people believe and value, and then constructively expanding on that understanding, than if we treated leadership development as a problem-solving activity.

Types of Business Values


There is an ancient saying, “Give respect, to take respect.” A leader should also follow the same no matter how many differences you may have with your team, you should always respect them, which will eventually make them give you respect.

Make a difference

As a direct impact by leader’s efforts that lead to making a positive impact on individuals, systems, and/or organizations or positive outcomes.


Moral courage, ethical strength, and trustworthiness are displayed by maintaining promises and meeting expectations.


Integrating values and principles to create a purposeful existence and contribute to the growth of others, as evidenced by consistency, congruency, and transparency in values, beliefs, and actions.


Your business should not let you lose your values, you should have enough human mind to take part in others' griefs and should not act like a boss, instead should act as a guide or mentor.

A leader should not be furious, instead, he should be like a guide under whom, all his followers should feel safe. The difference between a leader and a boss is that; the boss wants success, while the leader guides his followers to the ultimate success. So, now you decide, whether you want to be a boss or a leader.

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