International Mountain Day - Call of the Mountains

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International Mountain Day - Call of the Mountains
11 Dec 2021
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If you are an orophile and you love to be a part of nature, this post is for you. Learn about our mountains and make yourself aware of Mountain day. #ThinkwithNiche

Born among the mountains know the tranquility they truly behold! Rest are just imagining! I call out the orophile clan to support this statement. Wondering what an orophile is! They are people who love mountains! If it was something new you just learned, this blog will make you pack your bags and head out! To the mountains, of course.

Mountains are one of the most scenic places on the earth. A landscape with mountains in it is nothing less than heaven to humans. Mountains have been here long before any of us and will presumably be here after we're gone. Just like beaches, one can experience peace far better in the mountains. When you travel through valleys and notice how tall our mountains stand, you will feel their mighty power and how beautiful they make a place. Everyone knows how the mountains formed. The process might be destructive, but the results are breathtaking. The formation of mountains is due to the collision of tectonic plates, and the mountains formed are scenic. Even the youngest mountain is a million years old, and it is our beloved Mount Everest. The mountain day is acknowledged to thank these marvelous landscapes for the serene and scenic beauty they deliver. No wonder Gods and Goddesses reside in the mountains.

International Mountain Day

On the 11th of December, we celebrate International Mountain Day to spread awareness about the significance of the mountains in our lives and the life which thrives around them. We want to bring the attention of the people to the opportunities and constraints raised in mountain development. We celebrate this day to build a strong relationship with the mountain people and bring about a positive change to the environments present all around the globe. The United Nations General Assembly declared 2002 as the international year of the Mountains, and from that year onwards, the 11th of December was celebrated as the mountain day. This day is celebrated annually under the supervision and guidance of the United Nations' Food and Agricultural Organization to raise awareness regarding mountain issues.

World Mountain Day 2021 Theme

This year, Mountain Day is celebrated under a new theme. The theme for 2021 is 'sustainable mountain tourism.' The idea of sustainable tourism can open doors the alternate livelihood for the mountain people adding to their source of income. It can also result in poverty reduction for the people who reside in the mountains. This sustainability might lead to the social inclusion of these people in society. With this theme, the UN aims to develop landscape and biodiversity conservation. Sustainable tourism can be a way to preserve the heritage of the mountains (cultural, natural, and spiritual), promote products that are local and of high value, and promote local festivals to the tourists who come from around the world.

In 2019, after the Covid, there was a drastic fall in tourism due to the restrictions imposed to safeguard lives and protect the sacred lands. Mountain tourism accounts for 15-20% of global tourism. Tourism was the worst affected sector after covid. The pandemic affected livelihood, and public services, and has decreased the number of opportunities that were formally presented to the people. Although the crisis had wreaked havoc on us, it gave us time to reconsider our approach toward tourism and how we can make it greener, inclusive, and more resilient in the future.

FAO plans to prepare communication materials in six UN languages, and these materials will be present on their website. They will also hand over hard copies when requested. Celebrate the mountain day with your family and friends by preparing for some event to send out the message about the importance of mountains in our lives and use the hashtag #MountainsMatter on your social media.

On this day, let’s talk about some treks you can plan to go on and experience the breathtaking scenery and most picturesque places in the mountains

Mountain Tourism: Treks in Indian mountain ranges

Deoriatal Chandrashila Trek

It is the only winter trek where you can see great morning views. Seeing winter mountains and winter mornings are very rare sights. Only on this trek can you see those rarest sights. Chandrashila Summit is a great vantage point from where you can see the scenic beauty of our Indian Himalayas. To be precise, you will see the Gangotri ranges on the rights. Gangotri ranges have the peaks of Mt. Thalaysagar, the Kedar dome, and the Kedarnath. You can see the Chaukhamba range (I, II, III, IV) right from the vantage point. On the right you will see Dunagiri, Hathi Parbat, and Gauri Parbat.

Shrikhand Mahadev trek

This trek is a pilgrim trail leading to a peak with the same name. Shrikhand Mahadev peak is named after Lord Shiva and is at the height of 17,150 ft. The breathtaking view of the Himalayan range from the Parvati valley is the main attraction of this trek. You’ll be bound to see the serene view without blinking even once. This trek usually takes 5-6 days to be completed all the back to Delhi.

Mountain Tourism: Best Treks Abroad

Routeburn Track, New Zealand

This track is situated inside Fiordland National Park, which itself is one of the most serene and beautiful Parks in New Zealand. Once you’re on this track, you are bound to see the deep, huge valleys with mesmerizing waterfalls along with eye-catching lakes with crystal clear water. The Routeburn track joins Fiordland National Park with Mount Aspiring National Park and covers about 32 kilometers. Trekking usually takes 2-3 days, and most trekkers stop at Lake Mackenzie to admire its beauty. Some people pre-book the huts at Routeburn Falls to enjoy the closeness of a waterfall.

Altai trek, Russia/Mongolia

Altai trek takes you through the Altai mountains of Russia and Mongolia, which have some untouched valleys, some hidden lakes, and some melting glaciers. It is a famous holiday spot among the local Russian people but fails to attract international visitors.

On this international mountain day, let’s come together and thank the people who reside in the mountains and are constantly working to keep their families fed and safeguard the natural beauty of our ranges. Without mountains, tourism will not flourish, and beaches can never give us the feelings mountains give us. Our mountains need us.


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