Instagram Reels Feel It Reel It

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Instagram Reels Feel It Reel It
07 Oct 2021
4 min read

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This Instagram reel is now trending because it allows users to produce TikTok-style videos on a platform where they've already established a following. However, to move further, you'll need some ideas. Go ahead and read the blog below to obtain some great reel ideas. #ThinkwithNiche.

Amazing Instagram Reel Ideas You Can Try

Instagram Reels are a new way to interact with your Instagram followers and expand your reach. In fact, they're now a true growth hack. Instagram's counterpart to TikTok, which debuted in late 2019, has got mixed reviews from artists, influencers, and marketers. The new Instagram Reels tab is jam-packed with suggested content, making it a terrific way to reach new audiences and increase organic discovery.

Even if you're just getting started with Instagram Reels, you should have some solid content ideas and a clear purpose in mind, whether it's to attract a larger audience, give back to your active social network, or show off your content and goods to your followers.

So, here are some fantastic Instagram reel ideas for you

1. Tell Your Story

Create a Reel presenting yourself or your brand when you're stuck in a creative channel. You may introduce yourself or share your brand story with thousands of new fans when Reels lands on the Reels Explore page. Make an effort to demonstrate your abilities. Niche profiles abound on Instagram Reels, where people may flaunt their very distinct and particular abilities and hobbies. You can do the same thing. Begin by introducing yourself, then include your team in the process.

2. Behind The Scenes

Mistakes happen all the time, but they're especially common while trying to film a video. Show off some behind-the-scenes activity to your fans. Show the outtakes. Instead of being irritated when you make a mistake, grip it. They may really be a wonderful source of inspiration for new Instagram Reels.

Behind the scenes may also be a part of your company's backstory. Creating a behind-the-scenes Reel, whether you're a photographer or a small company, maybe simple and successful. Your followers are interested in learning how your product is created and what it's like to work for you, so take the time to tell them.

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So, the next time you're at a photoshoot, take out your phone and start capturing whatever action you're performing.

3. Show Tips And Tricks

If you lack ideas for what to do, start with tips and tricks techniques. Whether it's offering fashion and beauty advice, life hacks, or other creative DIY choices, this sort of subject can carry useful information that can benefit your audience.

It's also not necessary for your tips and techniques to be complex. Try giving one brief piece of advice and then asking your audience what tips they'd like to see next. On Instagram Reels, use text to make captions. People who view videos without sound not only help to build a more inclusive and accessible account for individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing, but they also help to create a more inclusive and accessible account for those who are deaf or hard of hearing.

4. Focus On The Trend

Taking advantage of a trend is one method to get your Reel in front of more people. Look at what others are doing on other social media platforms or the internet, and if you detect a trend, jump on it. It's one of the finest Instagram Reels ideas for capitalizing on the hottest sounds of the time. When you add sound to your Reels, Instagram will show you what's popular right now. And by paying attention to them, you could get some ideas for your future post.

Using trending sounds is beneficial since it enhances your chances of getting noticed by new visitors. People may now click on any Reel's sound and find all the others that utilized the same vibe.

5. How-To Videos

Like tips and tricks, how-to videos are a proven way to create interesting content. Instagram Reels are a great way to put them to use. It's not just educational, but it's also strangely gratifying in a way that attracts a large audience. You can make how-to Reels in a variety of methods. Remember to always provide important takeaways both in the video and in the description.

Don't be confused by the 30-second time limit; there are plenty of inventive ways to make the most of it.

6. Promote Your Products

You can promote what you sell in Instagram reels. You may make a Reel to showcase your items whether you have an Instagram Shop. You may successfully advertise your goods with hundreds of thousands of views on their Reels.

If you own a business, you know how important it is to produce sales to stay afloat. As a result, it's important to make sure you're communicating about your products and services clearly. It's unrealistic to expect consumers to find your items on their own. You need to make an effort to market them. Inform them about the advantages and transformations that your goods and services bring.

7. Create Listicle Videos

Your brand or product does not necessarily have to be the focus of your reel. When you're stuck for ideas, look to your hobbies for inspiration. You may achieve this in a variety of ways. Make a list of your favorite songs, top 5 upcoming dramas, or travelogues that viewers won't want to miss. Clip together photos of celebrities or web series episodes, insert text, and speak them through with a quick and easy narration to make a listicle Reel in no time.

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8. Answer FAQs

If you're short on Instagram Reels ideas, peek into your Instagram comments and FAQs. In the comments area, our fans frequently ask us a slew of questions. Fill in the blanks in a 15 to 30-second Reel with your answers to these questions. The nicest aspect about recording a FAQ reel is that it won't take long.

If you come across any frequently asked questions, note them down and keep them in a bank for future Instagram Reels ideas. You may also use the questions sticker on Instagram Stories to encourage your followers to ask you questions. Another advantage of addressing a FAQ in a Reel is that you already know a portion of your followers are interested in this material.

9. Slow Motion Videos

Instagram Reels, like TikTok, allows you to choose the pace of your video. The most eye-catching videos, on the other hand, are frequently those that use the slow-motion function. This also provides several chances for creativity. You may slow down any song or any other hilarious meme; these slow-motion movies are frequently quite entertaining to watch.


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