5 Cool Unheard Android Apps You Must Have On Your Phone

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5 Cool Unheard Android Apps You Must Have On Your Phone
28 Sep 2021
7 min read

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In the large pool of apps, you can miss some of the most unique and helpful apps there are. That’s why we have come up with a list of 5 cool and unique apps that you must have on your phone. #ThinkWithNiche

Smartphones and the internet have become a crucial part of our modern life. Be it professional or personal, these things have taken up important spheres of our life. But these things are useless without one thing; apps. Apps are the soul of smartphones without which it is nothing but a small, plastic/metal box. Today we have millions of applications out there. From booking taxis, to buying or selling cars, to finding a date, to studying online, we use apps for everything. 

This huge pool of apps is a bane and a boon for us. Since only the apps that gets the most number of downloads are able to capture the imagination of the masses, there are many unique apps that goes under the radar and fall into oblivion. These are wonderful, unique and useful apps that not many people know about but they should. They hold the capacity to make your life more convenient. Let’s have a look at some of the most unique and useful apps we didn’t know we could live without. 

1. Reverse Dictionary

How many times does it happen that we know what a word means but are unable to recall the exact word? I have faced this situation umpteen number of times and it can be frustrating like nothing. Reverse dictionary has a solution for that. It allows you to type the meaning of the word and then shows you words that shares the same meaning. From the list you can easily pick the word you were looking for. 

2. Random

Random is a fun chatting app that allows you to connect with new people. I know what you are thinking. What’s the catch? Millions of apps do this. Well Random is unlike those million of apps as it allows you to click a picture of anything you want and share it on your profile. In moments you will get a random picture from strangers. And then you can connect on the basis of that. 

3. Comixology

Are you a fan of comics? Well who isn’t. Comixology is world’s largest comic book reader app out there. It has more than 40,000 titles from different publishers. You will find all kinds of comics on the app. From the most popular to the underrated and unheard, the app has something for everyone. 

4. Runtastic

This app is made for people who are into running. If you are someone who is participating in a marathon, or generally love running, then Runtastic is for you. It allows you to keep a track of all your running goals and shows you stats such as calories lost, distance run, duration of your run, etc. It is an easy app that will help you achieve your goal. 

5. Memrise

Many people are fascinated with different languages around the world. They want to learn but cannot simply afford expensive courses or don’t have time. Memrise will solve all your problem. It’s an app made for learning language in a conversational and easy style. The app is well designed for which it even won the best app award in the year 2017.     

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