Experience Gifting! Have you tried it yet?

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Experience Gifting! Have you tried it yet?
04 Dec 2021
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The Advent Season of Christmas is on, and the entire world is gearing up to be part of the razzmatazz of the celebrations. Christmas brings the joy of gifts. Everybody is busy thinking about how to make it special for their loved ones! According to a survey, while 51% of people showed interest in buying physical gifts, there is also a community of 17% who want to give a unique gift which is the gift of a new 'Experience.' Let us learn more about it! #ThinkWithNiche

The Advent Season (a time of expectant waiting and preparation for the celebration of the Nativity of Christ at Christmas and the return of Christ's Second Coming) is here, and its preparations are in full swing. Everything is planned with the utmost care, whether the Christmas decoration, the Christmas cards, delightful delicacies, cakes, or outfits, but what about the Gifts? Have you thought? Gifts are an essential part of this season, and to be honest, everyone is excited to get beautiful gifts. You know this give and take of gifts is the beauty of this festival. It makes the relationship stronger. So have you thought about what you will gift your loved ones?

These days, many people are thinking about unique gifts rather than the regular stuff. Regular gifts like electronics, dresses, home utilities, decor items, and cosmetics have become monotonous. Unique gifts have caught the imagination of the people this season. You want to rise above the world of physical gifts and give something different, something unique! It is something that is beyond momentary happiness. It gets imprinted on the heart and lasts forever! It is the gift of an enriching experience!

Experience Gifting A New Trend

Gifting an experience is invaluable. It is a beautiful memory to cherish for a lifetime. I remember going to Pahalgam, Jammu & Kashmir (Kashmiri Handicrafts), for just three days with my parents, and I have to yet come out of that magical spell! So, a memorable experience has that impact on you! Plus, you do not have to go through the grind of choosing gifts and packing them. The joy you give the receiver knows no bounds! Adobe surveyed more than 1000 Americans and found that 51% of people planned to buy regular gifts while 17% opted for 'Experience Gifting.' 

Experience Enriching Gifting Ideas

Are you searching for 'Experiencing Gifting Ideas?' It is no problem! You can gift a two-day vacation trip to your loved ones. In this busy life, this trip would be a refreshing change for them. Hobby Classes is another great experience gift idea. These days, dedicating a musical evening on Birthdays and Anniversaries has become a very popular way of 'experience gifting.' There are infinite ‘Experience gift Ideas’ that will enable you to win the hearts of your near and dear ones. Some of the Best Experience Gifts are given below:

Experience Gifts For Children 

Children are always super excited about gifts. But the children of today are never satisfied with toys. They are the generation-next children, and they want something extra to jump with joy! Experience gifts for children are that 'something extra' that is the desire of every child! They want to meet Lion King in the zoo. They also yearn to go to an Amusement Park. A picnic can also fulfill their wishes and give them a beautiful memory to cherish for a long time!  

Experience Gifts For Parents

Parents are so lovely and perhaps the only ones you can cry before in times of misery. They are the only ones who do not judge you but understand you in every thick and thin of your life. So gifting them with a beautiful experience would only make them eternally happy! A two-day weekend stays in a cozy cottage would be a perfect experience gift for parents. A long drive with the entire family will also make them feel special. What’s more, a small musical concert arranged at home with their favorite old songs would give them a moment to cherish forever!

Experience Gifts For Women

Women love it when you make them feel special. They like gifts, but they enjoy it when you pamper them. How to choose experience gifts for women? If you think, a 'Spa Treatment' can be a great choice! You can also select a family stay at one of the beautiful cottages. Even she needs a respite from the daily grinding at the office! Learn How to Fly a Helicopter package is an activity gift that can give her excitement par excellence!

Experience Gifts For Men 

Men will be men! Even they like to be treated with special gifts. It is another thing that they may not show it! But an adventure gift, a cruise trip, or a luxury car ride for a car enthusiast would do the trick! A River rafting or a scuba diving package is a perfect experience gift for men who love sports. And if it is about your grandfather, you can arrange an old movie screening of their favorite hero at home and give them an evening to remember!

Summing Up The Gifting Ideation for the Year-End Celebrations... 

Experience gifts are perhaps the best gift one can give to their loved ones this season. We have just come out of a tough phase citing the Covid-19 pandemic, and everyone is feeling physically and emotionally drained. Now people want to enjoy the bliss of togetherness! They want to treasure each moment spent with their near and dear ones. As Migle Rakauskaite of Tinggly.com says, "Gifting traditions are changing. People seem to value quality time spent together and doing something meaningful." So give your loved ones an experience box this year and gift them a beautiful memory to cherish forever!

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