5 Reasons Why People Should Have Or Use Credit Card In 21st Century

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5 Reasons Why People Should Have Or Use Credit Card In 21st Century
29 Nov 2021
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When you need to make a purchase or pay a bill, credit cards can provide convenience as well as the opportunity to save money if you receive points on your purchases. At the same time, you can utilize credit cards to establish a positive credit history by practicing good financial practices. In today's environment, excellent credit is more important than ever. In addition, many firms use credit scores when choosing whether or not to recruit job applicants. #ThinkWithNiche

A credit card is used for making purchases, doing payments, or withdrawing cash, depending on the card. A credit card can be thought of as a short-term loan in its simplest form. Your credit card issuer assigns you a credit limit when you open an account with them. It is the amount of money that your credit card provider will let you spend or pay bills with. Let's look at why your credit card is the best option, as well as some credit card uses and techniques.

Cash Back

Discover was the first to introduce the cash-back credit card in the United States, and the concept was simple: use the card and get 1% of your purchases back in the form of cashback. The concept has evolved and matured throughout time. Some credit cards now provide 2%, 3%, or even 6% cash-back on certain purchases, albeit such enticing offers are subject to quarterly or annual spending restrictions.


It is easier to avoid losses due to fraud when you pay using a credit card. When a thief uses your debit card, your money is immediately taken from your account. Legitimate expenses for which you've made online payments or sent checks may bounce, resulting in insufficient funds fines and a negative impact on your credit. Even if the late or missed payments were not your fault, they can negatively impact your credit score. As a method to encourage people to use their cards instead of cash or checks, credit card companies like Visa and Mastercard offer no liability coverage for fraudulent purchases.

Grace Period

Keeping your money for this extra time can benefit you in two ways. First, the minuscule time value of money will save you money. Deferring payment makes your purchase slightly less expensive than it would be otherwise. Furthermore, purchasing using a credit card rather than a debit card, cash, or check allows your money to spend more time in your bank account. You can also make money during the grace period if you pay your credit card with an interest-bearing bank account. The extra money will soon add up to a significant sum.


Most credit cards come with a myriad of consumer protections that most people aren't aware of, like rental vehicle insurance (though it's usually secondary to your personal auto insurance), travel insurance, and product warranties that may outlast the manufacturer's warranty.

Universal Acceptance

With a debit card, it's tough to make some purchases. You'll almost surely have an easier time renting a car or booking a hotel room if you have a credit card. Customers who pay with credit cards make it easier for rental car businesses and motels to bill them for any damage they cause to a room or car. Another problem is that the merchant does not know the total amount of your transaction unless you have pre-paid for your rental or hotel stay. As a result, the retailer must set aside a portion of your available credit line to protect themselves from unexpected costs.


Although credit cards are frequently utilized, there is a lot of misunderstanding regarding them. You can make the best decisions about your use of these powerful financial instruments if you know the facts. To avoid incurring interest, the best approach to utilize a credit card has always been to pay your balance in full every month. The cardholder isn't accumulating debt in the real world, but that isn't how the credit bureaus will record it.

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