The Cool Side of Technology

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The Cool Side of Technology
01 Feb 2022
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Technology is a term always misunderstood. Whenever someone mentions the world of technology, the only thing that comes to our minds is sophisticated machines, complex codes, and Rocket Science. Well, for a moment, let's ignore these complex terms and just focus on the final product. Technology will never fail to surprise you with its coolness. So, always keep those coding nerds near you, as they might create some of the cool stuff mentioned in this blog and can provide you the same for free. #TWN

Technology should not always be sophisticated. Sometimes it could be way cooler than you think. So here we are with the eight cool gadgets you must own in 2022.


This compact and handy device allows you to replace a bulb in one movement, making the replacement process much faster and safer. Magbulb uses the same principle as magnetic adapters for charging devices: a base where the magnetic inlet is screwed into the lamp. While the other part is screwed into the base of the bulb, allowing it to be put together in a single movement. Thanks to the use of neodymium magnets and bronze connectors, the adapters provide reliable contact and are completely safe. It is worth noting that the magnetic adapter is compatible with all types of lamps and luminaries. The cost of the device is $15.


This simulator recreates the physical sensations of the virtual environments during a video game or a movie. It is possible by creating air currents of different intensities and temperatures. It allows the user of the simulator to feel the cold heat or wind as well as changes in the weather conditions of the virtual world thanks to its shape and size vortex resembles a standard loudspeaker. You can connect it to any PC and install it on the table next to the monitor. Using a unique technology vortex analyzers audio and video streaming in real-time to stimulate the right environments. You can buy this interesting gadget for $120.


Unlike other reusable bottles on the market, this one can maintain the temperature of the liquid and kill bacteria that accumulate in the container over time. It uses a built-in ultraviolet lamp that kills all microorganisms in the water. To start the cleaning mode, simply press the button on the bottle cap. After activation, the lamp will light for one minute and repeat the cleaning cycle every four hours. You can recharge the device using a USB cable, and after charging, it can operate autonomously for up to a month. Thanks to the heat-insulated walls, quartz also works like a thermos. The volume of the bottle is 525 ML, and its value is $60.

Luda Case

Externally, this device is almost identical to a traditional phone case. The gadget is made of durable polycarbonate and reliably protects your smartphone from scratches and possible damage from falling from a considerable height. On the back of the box, there are several playful elements, including three knobs in a rotating disc in the middle, a relief area, and three metal balls located on the underside of the rear panel for you to play with your fingers. In addition, the Luda case has its application which complements the playful functions. The price of this gadget is $20.


The creators of this gadget have shown that virtual reality technologies can be used not only for entertainment purposes but also for its new development, which is based on augmented reality technology and computer vision algorithms that will help visually impaired people navigate better in space and live without a cane or a guide dog. Oxsite can adjust to the specific characteristics of each user and improve visual signals, increasing image contrast, brightness, and other parameters needed to perceive the surrounding reality. The developers have not yet revealed the price of this innovative development.

String Bike

The main feature of this futuristic bike is the total absence of a chain. According to the designers, the bicycle wheel moves using several strings. When the pedals are pushed, the string stretches alternately, rolling and unrolling on the pulleys on either side of the rear axle. The balance of the system provides a smoother ride and greater efficiency, and the string bike can go much faster than the normal bike. In addition, the motion is silent except for the tire creaking when it contacts the asphalt. The bike is equipped with a 19-speed gear system that can be activated during the ride. Manufacturers offer four different versions which differ in weight, wheel diameter, and design in their simplest version. This bike will cost you $1000.


This sports gadget is kind of a google glass analog intended for use in swimming pools. These swimming goggles with a built-in projection screen are equipped with a small unit that sits on the user’s temple and reads the heart rate during training. In addition to the pulse, the glasses also record and center the screen on the time of each lap in the pool. The zwim battery lasts 4 hours, and after training, the device also automatically synchronizes with the smartphone and transfers all collected data to a special application. The cost of these smart glasses is $200.


This gadget is similar to a portable speaker. It is capable of synchronizing music playback through different brands of speakers achieving high quality of surround sound. Belle can connect six wireless speakers simultaneously, regardless of their size, Bluetooth protocol, or manufacturer. Thanks to an NFC module, the device is synchronized automatically when they are at a close distance. In addition to the controller function, belle also has two wideband speakers and a five-inch subwoofer. It will cost you around 250 dollars to own one of these amazing speakers.

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