All you need to Know about Paid Media

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All you need to Know about Paid Media
05 Oct 2021
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Paid media allows companies to promote their content and increase visibility through targeted advertising rather than solely relying on the organic customer base. #ThinkWithNiche

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Today's world is driven by apps, and people spend hours scrolling through their feed. The shift to digital marketing has led companies to invest billions of dollars every year into paid media campaigns. Effective marketing helps to build brand awareness, increase sales and engage with customers.

In a high-traffic media market, companies need to boost their posts. Companies need to finance posts to get attention in prospective clients’ feeds.

Around 80% of social media today is paid media. Companies need to be clever with their marketing tactics to make a sizable impact online.

Companies connect on a digital platform through earned, owned, or paid media. For optimal marketing, you should enlist an expert in media strategies. It can allow you to develop a comprehensive approach that works for your company.

Earned, Owned, and Paid Media

The three types of media are earned, owned, and paid. Companies leverage owned, earned, and paid media to make a marketing strategy. By mixing these three media types, marketers can develop a comprehensive media strategy.

Through converged media, advertisers can propel company engagement and visibility. Content creators work to create dynamic, eye-catching content. Content creators cater to social media platform algorithms to boost your companies’ bandwidth.

Earned Media

Earned media is organic content that spreads through the internet or word of mouth. Earned content is typically in the form of reviews, social media comments, or blogs. This content highlights a product of the company.

Earned media relies on the relationship between customer and company to further promote a business.

Owned media is a company’s original content. Companies build their brand and social media to engage with clients and showcase their products and services. The company has built an online infrastructure as an extension of its brand.

Owned Media

A benefit of owned media is the ability to track and quickly capitalize on any form of earned media. On Instagram, companies can DM customers who have given a positive review. It can foster a strong relationship and a sense of company loyalty.

Companies can also use different marketing efforts, such as SEO-supported content. SEO content helps enhance web traffic around their owned media platform.

Companies can keep social media algorithms in mind to help create search engine optimized content. Companies can create content that will generate more traffic because of specific algorithms.

Paid Media

Paid media is a cost-effective paid method of advertising.

It is closest to the traditional form of marketing. Companies pay third-party entities to share their advertisements. They do this to reach a larger audience and can engage new clientele.


The most successful comprehensive marketing plans include a mix of owned, earned, and paid media. Paid media, however, is the most beneficial for bringing in new sales. Paid media is a tool used in expanding your audience.