5 Strategies That Will Embark The Up-gradation Of Digital-first Economy

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5 Strategies That Will Embark The Up-gradation Of Digital-first Economy
30 Oct 2021
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Creating a planned strategy for the victory in business to move towards profit is like climbing the mountain to reach the peak. Thus understanding these 5 strategies is crucial for the evolution of the economy in digitalization. #ThinkWithNiche

It's not easy to set goals and make well-thought-out decisions for a successful business in the face of unpredictability in digitalization. Technology has been present in our lives for a decade and has helped in transforming our lives, but the last 19 months have seen a significant shift in the change as the entire world has been digitally connected as a result of the Pandemic.

Business leaders are concentrating on venturing the specific challenges ensuring the uprising of their companies. This has helped in revenue growth and gaining of new clients or customers. Here we present the 5 strategies that can be considered for embarking on a rise in the digital economy of today’s world.

Mobile Phones

Mobile phones have been the center of attention since their conception. It has digitally transformed the global economy. Our social, financial, and emotional identities are intimately connected to the devices we use. After the pandemic, the importance of mobile phones has been reconsidered. The use of various mobile applications, QR codes, and other new techniques has shaped the world, assisting people in fighting the pandemic while also growing their business or service.

Social Media

With the venturing of mobile phones in our lives, the importance of social media came into understanding. The active social media users have expanded by more than 13% within a year to 4.2 billion. 98% of the users are connected with at least one social platform. Digital strategies and designing along with messages through marketing are mostly commenced according to the viewpoint of the users.

Video Graphy

Covid-19 has played a huge role in transforming our life with videos not only at home but also at work. Video calls, education messages through videos, YouTube videos, and different other platforms connected to videos have helped us to stay in touch with the world without even moving a bit. It has not only helped in improving the relationships related to business but has also helped in evolving the market of business to the customers.

Ecommerce Rising

The eCommerce platform was swiftly moving its way amongst the customers before the pandemic but with the blow, it became a necessity in this prevailing condition. Over 40% of the customers of the U.S shop online compared to stores. This has helped in saving time and energy along with creating a stable hold of online businesses to move forward in the market.

Digital Customer Experiences Rising

The core of success in business comes through the experiences that a customer has gained from the company. The positive review from the customer can help in advocating the business creating a stand and identity for future referrals. Negative reviews on the other half may turn out to be signed to carry forward the business elsewhere. Customer’s experiences through digital connection are being taken seriously with the grave situation in this Pandemic. Customers have become flexible when it comes to ordering groceries, purchasing essentials or even food.


Access to technology is linked to a company's profit. When it comes to digitalization, the process of adopting technology would allow customers to have an ethereal experience.

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