The five-minute habit that can simplify your life

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The five-minute habit that can simplify your life
28 Sep 2021
8 min read

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We all read books, watch motivational videos, subscribe to youtube channels that help us take inspiration and stay on track. Everything for being in the regular shape that helps us succeed. But we are so jangled up in these infinite numbers of wires or networks that we have forgotten what it takes to calm down and simply take a few relaxed breaths. It is hard to acknowledge but this is the harsh truth to face. And even if we just imagine us taking a deep breath we feel the urge to be surrounded by mountains, valleys, and a great view to fulfill the simple process of breathing. Let’s crack the nut and see what’s inside.#ThinkwithNiche

The world has been evolving forever, but we have administered the greatest amount of change in the past few centuries or to be really specific past few decades. Mingling up in the complexities of the world we have slowly forgotten what it means to be just human. Gadgets have not just made our lives simpler, rather we are more dependents on tools than ever. So, to simplify your life in the simplest way possible here is the 5-minute habit you can inculcate to achieve the same. 

1. Shut the visual

More than 50 percent of our brain is dedicated to our visual sensors. We extract the highest amount of information about anything through our visualization. Think about it, anything or anyone, be it an object, a person, or even the feeling of an abstract thought described in a book, what works first and fastest is our sensory nerves. 

So to remove yourself from the enormous amount of data continuously entering your mind without any boundaries, all you need to do is close your eyes. But before you get into the process, you need to adjust your environment to match the terms of this little habit. Get a clean cozy and silent environment. Now, sit in the most comfortable state you can, generally, it is attained by folding your legs. Mind you, when I mention the word comfortable, I don’t intend you to rest in a state that can make you fall asleep. Sit without any support and simply close your eyes. Slowly try to de-register your surrounding, try forgetting the objects you are surrounded with. Let it be the black space that is in front of you when you close your eyes.

2. Let the oxygen dive into your lungs

Let me tell you an interesting fact. In possibly every discipline on the earth that teaches how to be a monk or leads you to the spiritual path, the first and the foremost thing you are taught is how to breathe. Because if you see it scientifically, breathing is that core process that runs all other processes happening in our body. But you don’t need to be a monk or joining a monastery or be some pro monk. Being human is enough as a requirement to breathe properly. 

Our daily lives have been so affected by the polluted environment which includes everything, literally everything from the transport you take to your workplace, from the vendor you buy vegetables from to the drinks you have, everything! So, to detoxify our body by the simplest process on earth you just need to take deep and meaningful breaths. Now, when I say meaningful, I mean to say that count every breath. And while registering every breath monitor it, feel how the air enters your nose and goes through the passage and enters the lungs. Hold it for a few seconds and then exhale slowly, again monitoring the process.

3. Dream

With closed eyes and deep breaths imagine all the happy things that have happened to you in the past. And one you feel you are done with the past, express gratitude for being in the present, and finally start dreaming about what your future life will look like and feel happy about the events that might take place and let your brain be in a constant state of joy for these 5 minutes.

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