Success and Staff-The Relation Between the Two

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Success and Staff-The Relation Between the Two
11 Nov 2021
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While a company targets the customers and  remains loyal to providing them with best services, sometimes the employers forget to look at another important aspect of the pillar of growth and success, the relation between employees and employer. The focus here is on the necessity to manage a solid and trustworthy relationship between the two; their relationship must be in accordance with and connected with their respective demands. #ThinkWithNiche

The International Labour Organization (ILO) recognizes the importance of addressing issues concerning the mental health of employees and resolving the same should remain a top priority of the employers, as has been suggested by the ILO.

Let Us Take A Look At Some Of The Techniques To Maintain a Healthy Relationship Between The Heads Of The Company And Their Staff And The Key To Success Which Lies Within.

1. The Workspace and Mental Well-being

The productivity of staff depends on the kind of space they work in, hence ensuring a safe and stable working space stands in direct relation with the quality of work hammered out by the staff. The better the quality of work, the more promising the company’s future becomes.

2. Employee Friendly Hierarchy

Every employee has a place in the organization but that doesn’t mean to place employees against their merit and bring in overqualification or under qualification as an issue. All employees must feel equally respected and feel as if they too are an integral part of the organization, no matter what their positioning is. They should be hired based on the role they can adapt to.

3. Elimination of Stress

A non-cooperative, poorly managed, poor problem solving and poor communication-based environment shall lead to a stressful situation for employees, directly affecting the performance level, polluting the work culture of the organization, and reducing the success rate, As a result, any successful organization must have a stress-free environment.

4. Task Design Issues

If an employee is not clear about their role in the company, he shall not perform up to the mark, moreover, a fragmented section of meaningless work, lack of variety of short work cycles, ill-defined tasks, and high uncertainty in a job are bound to reduce the overall interest of an employee, naturally, it is the duty of the employer to provide the employees with a well-defined task structure which suits the job profile and does not create a sense of uncertainty.

5. Work Schedule

Some of the main problems of an unhealthy work schedule are inflexible working hours, long shifts, unpredictable working hours, cut down in social/family time, such problems if persist for a long time shall lead to a hazardous work-life disbalance which will result in curtailing the employee’s prolificity, hence providing a balance between work and life is a foremost call of duty for an employer.

The above aspects are not new to the corporate world, but they are becoming more prominent in recent years. Nonetheless, some prominent names in the sector, such as Google, Virgin, Lytx, Esri, Good Apple Digital, and others, to name a few, are adopting such measures. A beacon of hope is lighting up for the corporate sector and the mental health of the employees shall be a priority one day.


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