Success Is A Process Not A Moment

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Success Is A Process Not A Moment
09 Oct 2021
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Success is defined differently by everyone of us. One definition is completely incorrect: success is defined as the achievement of a goal. By definition, someone who defines success as achieving a goal will spend the majority of her time as a failure. If she achieves her goal, she will feel terrific for about a day before realizing she has lost her passion and purpose. Success isn't so much a destination as it is a new set of habits and an attitude to go with them. #ThinkWithNiche

It's difficult to quantify success. It's similar to the present – when the borders between what's past and what's future are so blurred, it's difficult for us to truly comprehend the time we're in. As a result, when others inquire, "How did you become successful?" They're asking the wrong questions when they say, "What are the steps I need to take to attain success?" Their perspective is skewed. They're attempting to follow a set of instructions to a single goal, when success, like the present, is an ever-evolving process.

An occurrence or notable occurrence is defined as an event. It is the notion that an outcome can be linked to a single event.

A process is defined as a set of events or processes that leads to a specific result. It is the concept that the end product is the culmination of a series of efforts.

Success is a flexible concept. You never show up. You're never finished. You're never going to be perfect. Consider yourself a gardener. A gardener never completes a project. There's always more to accomplish, more methods to improve the aesthetic.

Success is a feedback cycle in which concentrated effort leads to tiredness, recovery, redo, and repeat until the practise effect increases one's output level. The components of the success process loop are quite straightforward, though the specifics may differ from person to person depending on personal preferences.

• Measurable outcomes with a deadline for completion.

• A mindset that encourages and supports your efforts (journaling and self-talk).

• Peak levels of attention, in which you become completely dedicated to achieving your goal (meditation, exercise, affirmation, hypnosis, juggling...ok, maybe not juggling).

• Keep track of your progress and effort.

Working on "your thing" for hours, days, weeks, months, and years is where you'll find true success. It's in the information you gain, the lessons you learn from your failures, and the obstacles you overcome. In a nutshell, Experience is the true measure of success. It's the only thing you have that can't be broken, stolen, or destroyed on your journey. Whatever you gain on your journey is yours to keep for the rest of your life.

You must be able to recognize success if you want to achieve it. There are some key elements to achieving success. Know what they are and what they signify so you can follow in their footsteps and eventually embody them. They are the price you must pay in order to achieve success.

You must be so committed that no amount of skepticism from your friends, neighbours, or family will deter you. However, there is a brick wall that you must cut through with your bare hands before you can get to it. It takes a lot of effort to prepare yourself to overcome hurdles on your way to your goals. Dedication is a gem you acquire along the path to success. It motivates you to keep going when things are difficult or seem hopeless. It's fine to have a prize in mind for which to prepare. However, putting too much emphasis on it can be both distracting and discouraging. 


This is primarily an observational post. Process is at the heart of practically every successful event. Dedication, hard effort, and sacrifice are required for success. And it's for this reason that most people give up: they don't want to go down the arduous path of procedure. The procedure is difficult! Even while events appear to be lot simpler, they are elusive on their own.

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