7 Important Leadership Lessons from Co-founder of Infosys

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7 Important Leadership Lessons from Co-founder of Infosys
21 Jan 2022
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Narayana Murthy is one of those rare people whose lives are a living example of success. According to Murthy, a successful entrepreneur possesses the attributes of competency and leadership. Learnability, boldness, a willingness to sacrifice, fulfillment, and a strong value system are all attributes that may be learned. #ThinkWithNiche

With his brilliant mind and remarkable commercial acumen, NR Narayana Murthy, co-founder of Infosys, has inspired generations of techies and leaders. From the guy hailed as the "Father of Indian IT," here are a few leadership lessons to be learned. Infosys co-founder and retired chairman N.R. Narayana Murthy still has minority ownership in the company. Murthy was named an entrepreneur and worldwide leader of next-generation digital services and consulting by Forbes Magazine on March 25, 2021, with a net worth of $ 3.6 billion. Infosys has expanded from six employees in 1981 to 242,371 today.

Be Fearless!

Courage is the most important characteristic of a successful leader. It takes courage to dream large and make daring decisions. As Murthy points out, the courage of conviction, courage to contradict conventional wisdom, and courage to take the road less traveled are all required.

Be a Quick Thinker

Murthy feels that continuing to create and introduce new concepts and paradigms to the platform is vital. In a recent virtual event with students and faculty from the Great Lakes Institute of Management, he stated that the NEP (National Education Policy) 2021 only facilitates reform and that true transformation can only happen if children are taught curiosity, pluralism, and open-mindedness from a young age.

Be in a Positive State of Mind

Our mental condition determines the majority of our energy. If you are full of excitement, hope, faith, and joy, physical energy will come to you on its own.

Create a Mentoring Program

Any leader's primary goal should be to assure the existence of future generations of leaders. One of the ways that can be utilized to do this is mentoring. A good mentor can not only coach the team but also help each person achieve their full potential.

Keep Your Ideas to Yourself

Always have faith in your idea and stick to it no matter what happens. "The market was aggressive when we initially began out. It took a year to get a phone line and three years to secure a software import license. We recognize, however, that there was a significant global opportunity, and we are adhering to our strategy."

Say the Appropriate things and Follow-Through

A great leader should be able to instill a strong value system in his or her organization. Revenues will automatically follow whether you have earned the trust of our partners, customers, consumers, or everyone else. "Grapevine flies so far," Murthy continues, "that once you've shown your belief system in action, it repeats itself."

Be ready to take the Advantage of the Chances

While hard work is essential, every journey necessitates a degree of luck. Many bright people have worked tirelessly their entire lives but to no avail. But, as the saying goes, luck comes to those who are prepared.


Expectations should not be utilized to compel someone to do something they don't want to do. "We're serious about our work, but not so much about ourselves."

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