Self Motivation During Tough Times

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Self Motivation During Tough Times
18 Sep 2021
7 min read

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Learn to empower yourself time and time again as it is very crucial and holds immense importance for all human beings. You get self-motivated once you start to empower yourself in all walks of life. #ThinkWithNiche

Most of us get dragged into circles where our motivation levels drown very quickly. Self-motivating often gets dropped and at times, we don't have control over it. It's disastrous and we feel the worst versions of ourselves time and time again. The worst part is that we often get fearful of getting out of such feelings that we may at times be not even aware of. At times, bad motivation is like a bad reputation enhancing its shape in a vigorous continuous cycle of flow. We often keep billing out and billing out of it again and again, against our wills and by our wills. 

Self Motivation is Power

There lies innate power in every corner of self-motivation. You should be driven to feel motivated in all walks of life. Having good thoughts for self-motivation is the right attitude. Since you have little or less power over the control of certain situations in life, you may still have a choice to control your attitude for various situations. Once, you start to control your attitude, you can be self-motivated in a jiffy and the world starts to dance to your tunes. It will be bound to derive naturally, without having to put in so much effort. 

Help Others 

Helping others and sharing good deeds with other people is a form of graciousness. Once you start doing these great acts, automatically, you will be bound to get self-motivated. When you help the people around you, you are driven to get and feel self-motivated in 100 good ways. Likewise, when someone is in deep trouble, you must lend your hand to them in the first place. 

Ways to Get Self Motivated

There are several ways to get self-motivated, first and foremost is to start simple, here are the top elements leading you to the path of self-motivation!

Start Simple

You must start from scratch and surround yourself with only motivators. If you believe in starting right alongside starting simple things, you will be bound by a different kind of spark that will motivate you to do amazing things in all spheres of life. 

Good Company

Surround yourself with good company. The good company of friends, family, and colleagues is often seen motivating us to do something good in life and start something of our own in a short span of time. Good friends are like good books, they tend to motivate you for all the right reasons that you may need.  

See The Good In Bad Things

Seeing good in bad situations prevents one from straying in the grim direction. Good eyesight for bad things often makes you less worried and forces one to fall into steps of self-motivation needed to survive in this world. Life is not at all easy, as we are hit by the worst battles of life, but that doesn't mean it's an end to our lives, good things take time to arrive. 

Stop The Thinking Wheels

We need to listen to good thoughts in order to get motivated by ourselves. Start planting good thoughts into your head and stop thinking bad thoughts as it tends to hinder good processes of growth. Constantly thinking ahead of time and various situations can bring your life into danger. In order to get self-motivated, you need to shut your mind from the dull process of thoughts vigorously tampering with your normal thinking abilities. 


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