Samsonite Luggage: Your Durable Fellow Traveler!

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Samsonite Luggage: Your Durable Fellow Traveler!
09 Feb 2022
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As you plan a trip, one big problem that you face is packing your belongings. Whether your trip is for two days or an entire month, you require a suitcase that is durable and accommodating. Samsonite Travel bags are not only durable, but their sleek design makes them irresistible! Let us learn about them in this blog

The mere thought of going on a journey fills you with excitement! You start dreaming of a beautiful destination, your journey, food, and the adventure lying ahead. Wow! This great thought took me back to my good old days when my entire family used to plan out vacation trips under the leadership of my father! It was utter confusion at home, but the first sight of the mountains is still fresh in my mind!

I still get goosebumps thinking about it! It was blissful! What was even more beautiful was that my father held my hand at that time! Those were the days! Anyways, what is good today is that in those times, we had these heavy trunks to carry our belongings. My mummy had this green trunk that went everywhere with us, on the train. She used to store all the required things in it. While today, we have sleek luggage bags that are lightweight and stylish with lots of space, like the Samsonite Luggage bags.

Samsonite Luggage Bags: The Journey Begins!

Samsonite Luggage bags are a high-quality product from the house of the American luggage manufacturer Samsonite International S.A. founded in Denver, Colorado, United States. It was Jesse Shwayder, an ordinary Salesman. He laid the foundation of the company, Shwayder Trunk Manufacturing Company. He named one of its first suitcases after the strong and brave biblical character, Samson! They make everything pertaining to luggage storage, from large suitcases to small briefcases and toiletry bags. Over the years, the company went through many changes in business and products! In 1965 it was selected as the Best Seller, and that is when the company adorned a new name, Samsonite! From Beatrice Foods in 1973, as many as five owners have held the mantle of taking the brand forward. In 1995, Samsonite became an independent company, and in 2009, CVC Capital Partners Ltd. acquired it. After successfully traversing the bumpy road, it began a new journey in 2011, and from then onwards, it is going strong on the path of success. It is not for nothing that it is enjoying the 'F' rating that is given for Better Business Organization.

The Samsonite Luggage Bags: Your Dependable Fellow Traveler!

Today, luggage bags are much more than just luggage carriers. Samsonite Luggage bags add value to your journey. They are sleek, durable, and attractive! It will not be wrong if we call them our dependable fellow travelers! They not only protect your property, but they are a companion that provides you with confidence and security. You can proudly carry them with you without feeling embarrassed. The Samsonite Trolley Suitcases make heads turn with their elegance and, you just smile with pride! So for your convenience, Samsonite produces the following types of luggage bags –

  • Samsonite Trolley Suitcases
  • Cabin Luggage
  • Duffle Bags and Holdalls
  • Pilot Cases
  • Beauty cases and Toilet Kits
  • Garment Cases

This way, there are a variety of Samsonite Luggage bags that can assist you in your traveling – your perfect fellow traveler in service! Given below are some of the special features of these luggage bags –

Compatibility and Comfort inspire Innovation

We yearn for comfort the most during a journey. Samsonite Luggage bags have understood this need, and they have designed travel bags that provide utmost comfort to the customers. They have created innovative designs and materials to suit the needs of the customers. A person has to brave the risk of the road, climate, and conveyance to reach his destination and, in these circumstances, if his luggage carrier fails to support him, he could land in a soup! So, Samsonite Luggage Bags are embedded with the quality of compatibility along with comfort to provide the customers with an enjoyable and satisfying experience!

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The Accessible No-Panic Top Pocket!

Yes, Samsonite Luggage Bags come attached with a top pocket to make your things easily accessible to you! Whether you need your resume as you are up for an interview or need to touch up in a hurry, you do not have to go through the ordeal of opening the entire baggage. You know, when you are in a hurry, the things you are searching for become invisible suddenly. The 'Top Pocket' provision in the suitcases enables you to access your belongings without any complications. You do not have to panic and feel lost when you have your compatible fellow traveler by your side. Whatever you need and whenever you need, from your Resume to your hairpin, you can instantly reach out to the pocket and access it.

The Eco-Friendly Luggage Bags

We are in an age when it has become very important to contribute to the conservation of the environment. Samsonite has a wide range of eco-friendly collections available in different shapes and sizes. They are flexible and durable. But what makes them stand out from the rest of the brands is that they are made of eco-friendly materials like recycled waste and sustainable Recyclex Fabrics. They may be made of reused materials, but they still look elegant and stylish. You can carry them with pride and not feel everywhere, showing that you care about the environment.

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Luggage Bags to Suit Your Needs!

Samsonite Luggage bags have a variety of collections to suit the diverse needs of the customers. It has consideration for all types of requirements. It has a stylish suitcase trolley to dash along with you to the airport. With a wide range of colors and surfaces, it can make your fellow passengers go green with jealousy. If you are on a long journey, you can choose a Samsonite Luggage suitcase with the feature of expandability. You get the extra capacity to fit in more things. If it is an interview or a professional meeting, you have the Cabin Luggage and Pilot cases to fulfill your requirements. You can also pick up a Samsonite Duffle bag and go off for an adventure trip! You can pack everything with a large heart! It is also extremely convenient and accommodating. So, if you have a journey coming up, you do not have to think otherwise! Just think Samsonite!


Samsonite Luggage Bags have covered a long and adventurous journey since 1910. Now the brand is a symbol of trust and quality and, after acquiring eBags, the famous online brand for handbags and travel accessories, it is steadily moving on the road to success! Samsonite is indeed the perfect fellow Traveler to suit your needs. In this season of gifting, it can be a wonderful gift for someone you love! You can enhance the style by adding a laser-engraved message on the handle of the Samsonite Suitcase! Trust us! the person will be overjoyed! So, give the gift of Samsonite and let your journey of love last forever!

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