Recovery Strategies Staying Positive

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Recovery Strategies Staying Positive
01 Nov 2021
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To quote Winston Churchill, business owners are optimists because they "saw the opportunity in every crisis." It's difficult to understand why someone would want to establish a business without putting everything on the line: their money, their time, and their pride. #ThinkWithNiche

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On the other hand, the pandemic has had an impact. Many people's vitality has been sapped by lockdowns, problems with government programmes, constantly changing legislation, and personnel shortages.

What can you do to regain your positive attitude? Optimism may be maintained in a variety of ways: Keep an eye on the latest trends. The NFIB's confidence index increased for the first time since November 2020 in June 2021. Everything appears to be progressing. Today's level of optimism is considerably higher than it was ten years ago. Other significant patterns are as follows:

  • Earnings trends have improved slightly during the previous three months.
  • According to the proprietors, business conditions should improve during the following six months.

Keep your eyes on the prize:- If your company is still operating, there is reason to be optimistic. Things may be a lot worse than they are today. During the Great Recession, 170,000 firms closed their doors, according to estimates (2008 to 2010). More than 7.5 percent of businesses close each year, regardless of economic conditions. However, in comparison to the Great Recession, the number of enterprises that "exited" as a result of COVID-19 was considerably fewer than projected by the Federal Reserve, which estimated that 200,000 firms "exited" (a nice euphemism for closing down) during the pandemic. The number of shutdowns varied greatly per industry, according to the Federal Reserve. Closings of barbershops and nail salons, for example, were more common than normal. According to the Federal Reserve, a phrase used to characterise this occurrence, just a percentage of the 200,000 closures surpassed historical averages.

Maintain a positive attitude: Some people are born optimists who can always make lemonade out of lemons. While some people are inherently optimistic, others must work hard to be so. SelectHealth shares some tips on how to be optimistic amid misfortune. Among them are the following: Try to keep your mind open. Maintain your adaptability in the face of continual change. Keep an ear out for possibilities to advance your career. You're enabling yourself to have a bad day. Your capacity to maintain a positive mood throughout the day is questionable. Things happen that disturb your company and have an impact on your attitude. Allow yourself to feel these emotions rather than being scared of them. Make a list of things you can do to get started. It's essential to remember that, while the majority of what happened during the pandemic was outside your control, there are always certain things you can affect. Do what you can and don't stress about what you can't. Check out the Harvard Business Review for additional advice on how to stay positive in difficult situations.

  • Make a concerted effort to become more alert.
  • Kindness spreads like wildfire.
  • Gratitude is a virtue that should be practiced.

Today's inspiration: While the economy improves, it is critical to have an optimistic perspective. Optimism, according to Norman Cousins, is a mental attitude that is not based on facts."At the end of the day, it's all about the future."The future appears to be more promising. Inflation, for example, as well as COVID-19 swings, are cause for alarm. This section has no surprises. There will always be hurdles to overcome, but if you keep a positive attitude, you can overcome them all.