20 Personal Development Apps for 2022

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20 Personal Development Apps for 2022
31 Mar 2022
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Anyone on the path to personal development knows it's a never-ending, uncertain journey. We rarely feel 'accomplished!' On the contrary, we always have a "work in progress" mindset. It should make you feel optimistic rather than pessimistic about the possibilities.
Personal development can be approached in a variety of ways, from hiring coaches and other professionals to delving into the world of self-help. Many of us can walk around with support and guidance in our pockets, thanks to the development of apps.
While apps cannot replace tailored, one-on-one support, they can be extremely beneficial. Here are some of my favorites, ranging from
self-growth apps that help you sleep to apps that help you achieve your goals. #TWN

When it comes to personal growth around this time of the year, tell me if this sounds like a familiar sequence of statements:

December: “Ah, the welcoming holiday season. The last cheer before the diet time, right?”

January: “New year, new me! Watch out 2022…. Here I come!”

January: “Life is hard man!”

February: “Wait! Where did February go?”

March: “There must be a way out! It shouldn’t be this difficult!”

Don't feel bad if this sounds like something you're already going through. Only 9% of people succeed in keeping their resolutions.

What's the Issue and How do we Improve?

Life is, in fact, ecstatic. Priorities are important to us. We have requirements. Food tastes delicious. Working out requires dedication.

What could be of assistance?

You've probably heard the expression "out of sight, out of mind." So, do the polar opposite.

That is, first and foremost, make your resolutions public. Inform your friends about your goals, keep your family up to date on your progress, and so on. These are excellent first steps toward staying motivated for the New Year and achieving the "new you" you so desperately desire.

Why? It holds you responsible. How? Because the only thing worse than failing to keep your resolutions is bragging to anyone who will listen about your lofty goals one week and then completely abandoning them the next. You'll be perceived as a lone wolf, making it even more difficult to gain future support.

Second, do everything you can to keep resolutions at the forefront of your mind throughout the day, rather than only thinking about them when you're feeling vulnerable.

For example, it's difficult to turn down pizza when you're hungry, and it's difficult to get up in the morning for the gym when you're tired.

Instead, if you use an app to track your calories throughout the day, you're mentally preparing yourself to know you only have 500 calories left for dinner, effectively ruling out pizza before you've even had time to consider it. Similarly, if you track your sleep habits and believe in daily progress, you're more likely to go to bed at 10 p.m. rather than Netflix-bingeing past midnight.

What I'm really saying is that you don't have to be a part of the 9%! Set a goal first, then tell others about it, and finally, find a useful app to keep you on track.

The first two steps are straightforward, and I am here to help with the third.

With a myriad of worthwhile mobile apps begging to be downloaded, you'll be well on your way to eating healthier, reading more, exercising regularly, and/or discovering a new passion, goal, or even career.

In 2022, let technology make your life easier.

Personal-Growth Apps

  • MyFitnessPal (to eat healthier)
  • Couch to 5K (to get active)
  • Any.do (to become more organized)
  • Headspace (to be "present" more)
  • DietBet (to lose weight)
  • Skillshare (to find a new hobby)
  • Strides (to achieve a specific goal)
  • SimpleHabit (to meditate)
  • Indeed (to find a new job)
  • Mint (to save more money)
  • Super Food (to eat a healthier diet)
  • Scribd (to read more)
  • Babbel (to learn a new language)
  • Glassdoor (to research new opportunities)
  • Work and Rest (to remember to take breaks)
  • Share the Meal (to fight world hunger)
  • The Week (to stay informed)
  • Daily Water Tracker (to stay hydrated)
  • HabitBull (to quit a bad habit)
  • Endel (to get better sleep)

1. MyFitnessPal (iOS & Android)

To eat healthier, you must first understand what you are currently eating. MyFitnessPal keeps track of your daily meals and snacks to help you meet your goals. You can track your daily/monthly progress, see a breakdown of your nutrition for the day, and set measurable goals. (Warning: You'll be surprised by how much sodium is in almost everything).

2. Couch to 5k (iOS & Android)

According to experts, the best way to achieve a goal is to divide it into smaller steps. That is exactly what this app does! Anyone - yes, anyone - can train to run a 5k with Couch to 5k ($2.99). You begin slowly (think alternating rounds of jogging and walking) with 30-minute workouts three times a week. You'll be jogging through the finish line by the end of the nine-week plan.

3. Any.do (iOS & Android)

Keep track of your tasks and then complete them. You can use Any.do (free) to add reminders, notes, and files that are accessible across all devices, allowing you to manage your to-do list from home or on the go. The clean and simple interface makes it simple to get started, which is one of the most difficult aspects of accomplishing any goal. There are premium plans available.

4. Headspace (iOS & Android)

"Headspace is a gym membership for your mind," according to the app. In reality, it provides ten-minute guided meditations, which are ideal for busy parents. The app has been praised for its ability to reduce stress and anxiety while also improving creativity and focus—all of which are benefits of meditation. You can upgrade to a paid plan after completing Take10, the beginner's course.

5. DietBet (iOS & Android)

You can tell a lot about a person by where they spend their money. DietBet uses the money to encourage people to make healthy choices. The idea is simple: wager money on how much weight you believe you can lose and get paid if you meet your targets. "96 percent of players lose weight, and winners take home an average of $58!" says the app. Those odds appeal to me.

6. Skillshare (iOS & Android)

With literally thousands of classes on topics ranging from Photoshop to designing T-shirts to painting a cow with acrylics (yes, really), Skillshare makes it simple to find a new hobby or brush up on old ones. Watch classes on the app for inspiration on the go. While some classes are free, you can upgrade to monthly or annual plans to gain full access.

7. Strides (iOS)

Perhaps this is the year you finally make the trip to Iceland to see the northern lights. Or the year you finally figure out how to change your own tires. Strides can help you achieve any goal you set for yourself (free). Track your goals and habits, review your progress with fancy graphs, and complete any task you set out to do. Users particularly appreciate the application's clean, user-friendly appearance.

8. SimpleHabit (iOS & Android)

SimpleHabit, a self-described meditation app for busy people, provides free, five-minute exercises that are easy to fit into busy schedules. The app, which was created by meditation experts, includes a variety of meditation and mindfulness resources. For customized guided meditations, users can choose from a variety of situations, moods, and times of the day.

9. Indeed Job Search (iOS & Android)

Among the numerous job search apps, I recommend Indeed because it has the most comprehensive job search engine. Browse local gigs and apply with your Indeed Resume if a particular job piques your interest.

10. Mint (iOS & Android)

Money may not grow on trees, but the fact that Mint is free indicates that it is still good in the world. But, in all seriousness, there are few tools as robust and easy to use as Mint. Log in to the app to see your current financial picture, create and manage budgets, track savings goals, and make sure your water bill is paid. Mint is the real deal, backed by Intuit.

11. Scribd (iOS Android)

Scribd is a great app and subscription service for books, magazines, newspapers, and audio content for those looking for a more literary 2022. With a large selection to choose from, Scribd has content for every reading and listening preference. It's never been easier to get your hands on your next great read with Scribd!

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12. Babbel (iOS & Android)

New language, new year! This platform offers a professional, interactive language learning curriculum that is designed to fit into your schedule. Choose from dozens of languages and enjoy the excitement of learning something new or brushing up on old high school skills!

13. HabitBull (iOS)

HabitBull "packs all [habit-building tricks] in a gorgeous, free, cross-platform app," according to Lifehacker. Use the mobile app to keep track of your goals (and any bad habits you want to break), set up notifications, and participate in the forums. View your progress in easy-to-read graphs that encourage you to keep going.

14. Work and Rest (Android)

Knowing when to hit the pause button is more important than ever in these crazy times. Now, remembering to do that is much easier said than done! The Work and Rest app is a useful way to set daily reminders to step away from screens, your to-do list, or whatever else is getting in the way of your brain, taking five (or 30, or whatever you need!) minutes to rest.

15. Share the Meal (iOS & Android)

This app makes it simple to contribute to the abolition of world hunger. Share The Meal supports communities all over the world through the UN World Food Programme for just 80 cents per day.

16. Super Food (iOS Android)

Not all food-related objectives are related to weight loss! Sometimes it's just about making healthier choices for energy, longevity, and the plethora of other holistic benefits of a nutritious diet. Super Food assists users in locating great recipes, ingredients, and other dietary necessities.

17. The Week (Android)

If you want to stay up to date on current events without being bombarded with headlines, The Week might be the app for you. This app summarises the week's most important stories from a variety of sources and perspectives.

18. Glassdoor (iOS & Android)

Glassdoor, an excellent repository of information and resources, is a must-have for those looking to change careers. Unlike many other job-searching websites, Glassdoor uses testimonials from current and former employees to paint a picture of what it's really like to work at a company.

19. Daily Water Tracker (iOS & Android)

Stronger immune systems, better sleep, and more oxygen pumping through the body are just a few of the many advantages of staying hydrated. But there's no denying that it's easy to let drinking waterfall fall by the wayside amid a hectic schedule. This app will remind you to stay hydrated and make it easier to reap all of the benefits.

20. Endel (iOS & Android)

A good night's sleep can feel more valuable than gold at times. Endel provides tools, resources, and exercises to help you sleep better, focus better, and find a moment to relax in an otherwise hectic world. Everything from plane rides to a 10-minute break during the workday can be made more peaceful with Endel.

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What is self-growth?

Simply put, self-growth is the desire to become a better version of oneself. Self-growth is a timeless pursuit that refers to a life-long process of improving one's own performance through formal and informal approaches.

What is the best app for self-improvement?

Happier is a free app and is available on Android and iOS. Other self-improvement apps:

  • Day One
  • Remente
  • Youper
  • Make me Better
  • ThinkUp
  • Smarter Time
  • 7 Minute Workout
  • My Affirmations

How can I improve my personal growth?

10 Things You Can Do in Your Daily Life to Improve Your Personal Development:

  • Read about what you want to improve.
  • Find a mentor.
  • Reflect at the end of each day.
  • Create a strong practice regimen.
  • Find others to push you and train with.
  • Create a reward/punishment system.
  • Stay honest with yourself.
  • Find role models you can look up to.
  • Measure your progress.
  • Consistency is the key.

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