Mobile Is The A-Z Of Marketing

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Mobile Is The A-Z Of Marketing
08 Oct 2021
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Now we are in the age of the Internet and our era is the fast-growing era. To make yourself walk with the time, you better know the A to Z of mobile marketing. To know everything about mobile marketing, its usage, you can take the help of the below article. May this article help you a lot. #ThinkWithNiche

If Your Business Don’t Include Mobile Marketing It Is Incomplete
Once Jamie Turner ironically said, “If you are not using mobile marketing to attract new customers to your business, don’t worry – your competitors are already using it and are getting those customers instead.” Mobile marketing is a very important tool of marketing for all businessmen. But the question is what is Mobile Marketing? It is the multiple channels, digital marketing strategy aimed to reach a worldwide target audience via mobile phones and the internet. It’s an online version of promoting and marketing goods and services.

Now, why mobile marketing is so popular? Mobile and the internet, nowadays, are such a thing that people are connected with most of the time. And comparing to the early days, most people now prefer online marketing. 50% of money transactions have happened through mobile phones. And in such a pandemic, there is no barrier and lockdown happens in mobile marketing.
The scale of advantages of mobile marketing is indeed uprising.

 ·It is very much cost-effective. Compared to TV and Newspaper ads, mobile ads are very cheap.
·The Mobile and Internet have 24*7 access and always give instant results. You don’t have to wait in a queue or wait for a long day, just click and get results immediately.
·Through mobile marketing, an entrepreneur can reach global customers without any hard effort.
·The feedbacks are quick and it is easy to keep proper track of the users and the business very easily.

As you have already come to know that mobile marketing is very important for a business, let’s see what are the different types of mobile marketing are there.

1. Mobile App-based marketing

80% of mobile users remain to engage in different mobile apps. There are no such advertisements specific apps but many apps services access permission to provide ads. Facebook is a very good example of this. Facebook allows advertisers to create mobile ads, YouTube also provides ads in between.

2. In-game Marketing

Like app-based ads, in-game mobile ads are the ads that pop up in between online ongoing games. These types of ads can appear as banner ads or full-page video or image ads.

3. QR Codes

QR codes are the Quick Response barcodes that are used to scan some links or sites, through the mobile camera. By scanning, the information or originality about that particular brand or product can be seen.

4. Mobile Advertisements

There are different types of mobile ads. Some basic Google search ads often pop out like an extension of maps or some links. There are also image-based ads that show the image of the products on the mobile screen and there are also banner ads that pop up with the entire screen of the mobile.

5. Location-Based Marketing

It is also known as Bluetooth marketing, with these customers gets location-specific ads according to their Bluetooth location. You can also use this location-based marketing like geofencing to market to mobile users according to their locations.

6. Voice Search Optimization

Voice marketing is very popular in mobile marketing. Entrepreneurs use automated calls for promoting their goods and services. Voice search has the potential to engage sales. Through voice search, customers can search the company’s website and can locate local stores.  

7. Audio and Video
Audio and video campaigns are very effective, especially in social media. Many customers involve with the brands and are attentive to the brands through different audio and video.

8. Text Messages Marketing

Text message marketing is very common in the mobile marketing system. Entrepreneurs reach out to the customers very easily through text SMS, emails, etc. through the text messages the business can inform about the changes, offers related to the products or services.

9. Social Media Advertisements

There is no doubt that social media has the most influence than any other media. Social media is now playing the lead role in mobile marketing. Businessmen use social media as the advertising platform as well as the platform where they can connect people globally.

Now you know what is mobile marketing, what are the types, and all the basics. Now the question is how to use mobile marketing? What to do with it?

1. Research Target Audience

Researching the target audience is always important, it may be an online or offline platform. Through research, you have to know what kind of research your audiences remain to engage with, most of the time. It is mainly a location-based marketing strategy. Then use those websites and apps for your advertising and business purpose. With this, you can get in touch with your target audiences through mobile.

2. Goal Setting

Now comes the planning and goal setting. Gauging the results and improvement of the mobile marketing strategy is only probable if you properly know all the purposes and set your goal accordingly.

3. Mobile-Friendly Campaigns

Mobile marketing has the aim to promote your brand via mobile phones and to do online marketing, it is necessary to come up with mobile-friendly campaigns. It means creating content, developing user-friendly apps, designing websites that can be supportive to mobiles, and creating mobile-friendly ads.

4. Be Unique

Mobile marketing is very trendy and used by almost every brand. That’s why customers are well aware of mobile campaigns and other strategies. They can easily skip the ads and ignore the promotion, so it is very important to come up with some unique and new ideas. Other than images ads try to use funny GIFs or in-game ads.

5. Offers

Giving some offers and exclusivity can be a very good idea. Like, if you come up with some incentives, offering some amount of money in return for a number of sharing can be a decent impression. It will encourage the customers to take action and they will be interested in your brand.

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