Lockdown Activities Assigned to Each Zodiac Signs

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Lockdown Activities Assigned to Each Zodiac Signs
21 Sep 2021
6 min read

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These fun activities are the reason for your survival during the lockdown. Are you ready to hear what is yours? #ThinkWithNiche 

This unprecedented 2021 lockdown has left us with a string of uninterrupted concerns — whether or not to book a steamy dance class as opposed to hitting the gym (indoor workouts)? Fret not, each zodiac sign was born with specific personality traits. This puts together a puzzle of activities they must indulge in, according to their assigned zodiac signs. 

Many must be feeling perplexed by crouching the couches as well as performing synonymous activities to pass your time. Get up and going, plunge the velvet sheets off your bodice and take up recreational activities to turn off the boredom of 2021 unprincipled quarantine.  

To bring little sunshine to your humble abode, here are the top activities to completely devote yourself to, at home, at an open park, or places where you are all by yourself. These unique activities are exclusively according to your zodiac signs. 


Aries are super organized and often despise the fact of something dominating them. These are the kind that burns even natural energies. Heave those dumbbells at your own rhythm. Aries love to sweat out innate energies. 


Since you are born with a creative hat, indulge yourself in art and craft, bring out the creative bend in you. Your craving for nature is so high up in the sky, so plant some mani or gorgeous crimson blossoms. You can either splash the neon palette or drop the colors for a pretty background. 


Since Geminis are born curious spirits, their fingers are often tied to the virtual world of social media and the internet. You hate the idea of meditating on the yoga mat. What you can do is download a meditation app for clarity and intelligent ideas to put on track. 


Cancer creatures are super attached to their families and love shelling out some quality time with their best housemates. They are the kind of beings with a passion for cooking, so pull your socks up and discover fresh delectable cuisine from youtube videos. Spend time baking and stretch that love to dinner table topped with eclectic words. 


Leos love to unconditionally express themselves. They often put an act in their 'act'. Leos are hooked into action, the one that keeps them going and breathing. Drama is their main ingredient. Leos despise the idea of lounging at home. For less, invest quality time in virtual movies, or grab a book to read. 


Virgos are major health freaks. They like it when things are in a proper arrangement in terms of wardrobe or full-fledged detoxing week. Channelize ample time to stimulate immunity. Yoga would do wonders for you during the lockdown blues. 


Libras love to talk their heart out, keep their phone on loud and hop into the aromatic baths. Keep your hygiene OCD on chatty grounds.  Dial a friend once you start cleaning activities.


Since, Scorpions love to explore new activities, bring your vigor and charms to try something quirky. Invent your own videos with little action and smiles. Or start off as an online tutor which could benefit both parties during such unpleasant times. 


Sagittarius born hate to confine themselves at home. Since you cannot do your favorite thing - travel, try virtual games which transmit you to one electrical ride beyond all the horizons. Experience the raw wheels at the tip of your fingertips. 


Capricorn beings are super productive at the same time packed with abundant stress. To vent out those bottled-up emotions, grab some attractive color books or pull out the fanciest Mandela on a scrapbook. Paint your stress to feel good. 


Aquarius loves those deep talks with long-lost friends. Their intellectual quotient seems to be very thoughtful. You can bring out the inner writer in you during the hard times. Pick an empty diary and fill it with words you have been wanting to tell. Or start a blog to share current life experiences. 

Pisces- Pisces is synonyms with peace. They love to keep themselves entertained at all costs. Bring that angel within you to play soothing music or wear a headband to learn an electric guitar. Explore untouched things and make them your own baby.