HubSpot – Your One-Click Content Marketing Destination

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HubSpot – Your One-Click Content Marketing Destination
29 Jan 2022
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Every content creator will need certain services to boost their content. To do that, content marketing is done, and for that, we look up to certain software that can be used to see the results of your content online. HubSpot is the way to go if you want to make things easy and well managed. #TWN

Switching from system to system can be a tedious job, and you might end up quitting all at once. That is not the solution to everything. Online content marketing is a difficult thing to handle. I am also one of those people who had no idea of such tools that can make your work easy, and wound-up tons of leads and turn them into potential customers. I used to think that traditional services might do the job until I heard of HubSpot. I was skeptical at first for sure because I am okay with other sites like WordPress. I felt that HubSpot was not for me, but soon I was ready to use it as my only solution to content marketing. In this article, I will tell you about HubSpot and why you should try it for your online content marketing business. This article will help you identify your weak points and how you can correct them by using this software, HubSpot.

What is HubSpot?

Many might not know about this software, but I am here to tell you all about it. HubSpot is sometimes referred to as a one-stop software for all online content work like web content management, creating pages (landing pages), managing every social media account you have, and showing the statistical flow of traffic on your site. It is far better than the traditional techniques you used to apply. It is not that much ‘geeky’ to use. HubSpot helps you see the success of the site by showing the leads and customers. A great feature, I guess. The company got itself established in Massachusetts, USA. This brilliant company was the brainchild of two MIT students, Dharmesh Shah and Brian Halligan, in 2006. After that, the venture just skyrocketed. In 2021, Brian became the Executive Chairman of the company, and Yamini Rangan took over the role of CEO.

Tools offered by HubSpot

The company has a lot to offer when it comes to its core services. They have many such tools ready to solve your problems related to the content. It provides tools for landing pages, content management, SEO, social media marketing, customer support, and web analytics. Whatever be your problem, tools are ready to take over and solve it for you. To make the tools more effective, HubSpot has integrated certain features for Microsoft Dynamics CRM, NetSuite,, SugarCRM, and many more. Talking about integration, HubSpot has Taboola in its dashboard. Taboola is an advertising company having a global PPC (Pay-per-click) ad network. In 2014, the company launched HubSpot CRM Free. This feature helps the company to know their interaction with the customers.

HubSpot is about to become the most used software when it comes to online marketing. Everything has two sides, and I am about to mention both of them for you to decide if you want to use the most trusted software or not.

Things to like about HubSpot

What you are going to read now is based on the user experience, and you might or might not agree with it. Let’s get on with it:

1. The customer training provided is on point and very seriously handled.

When you join the software, you get access to the webinars that are so fantastic in terms of content and knowledge they provide. They have a vast library of webinars that you can access and understand the basic key points for inbound marketing. You can take part in the live webinars to learn and polish your skills or simply enjoy the pre-recorded webinars. Going for pre-recorded webinars can be useful for those who want to learn at their own pace. The software in itself is easy to apply the things you learned in webinars. Try HubSpot today!

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2. The company teaches business principles, philosophy, and marketing as crucial parts of success.

If you can’t understand a concept, the company will make sure that you get it regardless of the time. They assume that anyone who joins them is well versed with the principles of creating content. If not so, then they have a green button that could take you to the portal where you learn to produce the right kind of content.

3. HubSpot smokes what it rolls!

The above saying is true for HubSpot when it comes to the usage of tools. HubSpot uses the tools that are designed by them for its success in the marketing industry. They practice the same principles that they preach and make others do the same.

Things that made me skeptical

With something good, there is always something attached to it.

1. The effectiveness of an all-in-one system can be compromised.

Many people tend to have different software ready for various jobs. Having everything in one software can make it a bit less effective as many are used to operating different software.

2. No Real-Time data

The data presented by the site can be a great disappointment for some. It updates data on an hourly basis, and you might miss some crucial points in the meantime.

As a software-based company, HubSpot isn’t perfect and will never be. HubSpot works towards making the ideal platform for content marketing. You should give it some time and effort to get the returns you always wanted. Keep creating, keep marketing.

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