How to Become a Professional Gambler

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How to Become a Professional Gambler
03 Jan 2024
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Entering the world of professional gambling conjures images of opulence, private jets, and exclusive tournaments. Yet, the reality is far removed from mere luck. The journey to becoming a professional gambler demands a blend of precision, strategy, and an unyielding commitment to mastering the games.

Our guide unveils the path to professional gambling, one that diverges from conventional careers. It's a journey that commences not with a stroke of luck but with diligent study, relentless practice, and the meticulous honing of skills.

The allure of this lifestyle requires an understanding that success here is far from guaranteed, often shaped by years of dedicated preparation.

In this guide, we explore the roadmap to professional gambling, from meticulous study to emotional discipline and prudent financial management.

Whether you're eyeing the online domain or the glitzy casinos of the world, this guide aims to illuminate the path toward a career that thrives on strategy, resilience, and an unwavering commitment to the craft.

How to Become a Professional Gambler

Professional gamblers live a high life. They fly in private jets, are given the best rooms in casino hotels, and get invited to play in exclusive tournaments. It’s a career that appeals to many, and it’s certainly possible to join the ranks of these successful people.

But what does it take to be a professional gambler? Are these people purely lucky, or is there more to it than that?

Here’s our guide on how you, too, could become a professional gambler.

Study Like Any Other Profession

Nobody becomes a professional gambler overnight. It takes years of studying the games, mastering the necessary skills, and winning and losing before getting it right. Even then, winning is never guaranteed. 

Being a math whizz can significantly boost your chances of becoming a professional gambler. Much of the study will involve bets, odds, what-if scenarios, and probabilities. The easier your mind can grasp these, the faster you’ll learn. 

One of the best ways to develop personally is to read books and access online tools on the subject. Watch videos of other professionals playing your preferred game, and download simulations of the game to play on your phone or computer. Learn as many tips and tricks that are available to you.

One trick that professional gamblers learn is to count cards. It’s a skill that some professional gamblers perfect to boost their success. By remembering what cards have come out, predicting what may come next is easier.

However, this activity is banned in casinos, and if the gambler gets caught, they may face criminal charges. 

Here’s the catch: card counting itself isn’t illegal. If the casino catches you and you don’t leave the premises immediately, they can call the police and charge you not with the actual process but with trespassing. 

Online play makes card counting pointless, as the deck is shuffled with every new hand.

Practice Makes Perfect

Gamblers don’t need to put up real money at the beginning. Many websites and apps allow people to play casino games using practice credits. These are fun games and closely simulate the real thing. 

With some confidence, players can move onto real-life scenarios but place tiny bets — $1 in value, for example — until they’ve perfected some of their skills.

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Removing the Emotion From the Game

Possibly the most challenging part to master when becoming a professional gambler is the emotions involved in playing games. The lows of losing can decimate the highs of winning. Getting angry or frustrated can cause a player to make rash decisions, ending in further losses. 

The only way to be a successful gambler is to rely on cold, hard logic. Any ‘gut feelings’ or ‘sentimentality’ often end in failure.

Superstitions and rituals should also be left at the door. These can get in the way of making logical decisions that otherwise would have resulted in a win. 

Like any other job, things don’t always go as planned if emotions get in the way. Professional gamblers understand that not every day will go their way and know when to walk away and not take it to heart. The better they are at the game, the more often the good days outweigh the bad, and they embrace the ‘swings and roundabouts’ concept. 

Money-Saving Tips

Learning money-saving tips will help you stay in the black. No gambler wants to come away with less money than they started with, but be prepared that on some days, this could happen. Professional gamblers make savvy money decisions, and this begins before playing their first game.

Before starting, online players should check out all the bonuses available from a casino site before creating an account. There are loads of benefits for signing up. 

For example, gamblers who effectively use a no deposit casino bonus can place their first wagers for free. There may also be match bonuses where the casino will double what you deposit.

Always bet within your means; setting a daily or session limit is the best way to do this. 

Online Players

Only deposit enough credit that you’re prepared to lose at that time. If you have a bad run and lose it all, quit the game and never add more. Accept that this isn’t your day, and move on.

Another tactic is to withdraw some of your winnings once you have a considerable prize pool. The logic behind doing this is that it’s tempting to ‘play just one more’ when you’re on a losing streak. However, if no credit remains, there’s nothing more to lose.

Land Casino Players

The above tips also work well in a land-based casino. Only take as much money as you’re prepared to lose, and leave all credit and debit cards at home, so there’s no temptation to access more.

When you’re on a winning streak, pocket the excess. Take a friend along and pass the surplus to them, instructing them to not give it back to you under any circumstances until you’ve left the casino.

Ready to Become a Professional Gambler

There you have it. Becoming a professional gambler isn’t out of the realm of possibility. Studying takes years, and being proficient at math is an extreme bonus. Practice what you learn until you’re ready to start putting up real money. 

Learn the art of removing all emotions from the game. Before getting started as an online player, check out what freebies are available; there’s probably more than you expected.

Be savvy with your money, set limits, make intelligent choices, and learn when to walk away.

Do all of this, and you could be flying in a Lear jet to compete in an exclusive tournament in a Las Vegas casino someday.

Disclaimer: ThinkWithNiche does not promote or endorse online gambling, including online casino slots or any form of betting activities. The content provided in this blog post is for informational purposes only and does not constitute any form of gambling advice or encouragement.

We advocate responsible gaming practices and encourage our readers to abide by the legal gambling age and regulations in their respective jurisdictions.

Engaging in online gambling activities should be approached with caution and within the confines of the law. ThinkWithNiche bears no responsibility for any actions taken by individuals based on the information presented in this blog post.


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