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Have Fun Young Entrepreneurs
08 Nov 2021
8 min read

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What comes to your mind when you think of entrepreneurs? A guy working 20 hours a day, abstaining from all worldly pleasure, pushing over the limits to provide for the community, and having a lavish life ahead. But this picture is painted wrong. Startups and entrepreneurs have a very co-existing nature. They are usually the services, the entrepreneur is interested in. But still, if someone is missing out on the fun, this is about how to make life along with your work, in general.#ThinkWithNiche

Richard Branson said, “If you’re spending most of your life at work, it should not be a chore, and it should be fun." It's true for everyone, along with entrepreneurs, everyone must find time outside work as well as have an occupation that they love. Here are a few tips that will help each entrepreneurial horse to take a leisure ride.

1. Work is just a slice of this large pizza called life

Entrepreneurs must keep in mind that work is, although a major, still it’s a part of life and not life itself. So, while making a rigorous and consistent work ethic at your workplace, you must take out time out of work. Yes, work should top your priority list of life, but it should be kept in mind that everything is still a part of your life. At first, try to give time to your family, friends and most importantly, yourself, after all these are the people you are working for.

2. Share the pizza

Of course, you can’t eat it all by yourself, it’s life, not some super eating challenge trending on YouTube. And if you ever tried to do so, then your next call would be probably for a doctor or a nursing home nearby. Share your life, share it with your friends, family, give yourselves a slice too and this is not about an obligation to do so. This resides under duties you have towards your loved ones and the expectations they have for you. You might not matter to your boss or client after the period of service, but your loved ones are the ones who have been by your side since forever. Hence, it becomes a duty for you to fulfill their expectations, at least sometimes, if not always. Most importantly, you should fulfill your own expectations and gain experience beyond the ones that are going to make it to your resume. Don’t let your work life disturb your leisure time. Sing, dance, go on a weekend trip, or anything that releases the stress out of you.

3. Take Vacations

Vacations have been a great method to ease out and relax. It sends the work mind at the backend and brings the lively and joyful part of yours to the front and it even works as a period of re-evaluation, re-configuration, and contemplation about the choices you have made lately. High as the workload be, but you should force yourself to take a vacation at least once every two-three months.

So, young minds, work heavily as you may, but it remains a part of life. The ones you love will remember you for the moments you spend together, not your work. So, buddy goes chill for a while and gain experiences out of work.

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