Connect To More Followers On Instagram: 5 Techniques For Growth

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Connect To More Followers On Instagram: 5 Techniques For Growth
23 Sep 2021
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You spend most of your time thinking, strategizing and creating content for the social media platform, Instagram. That moment when you hit “Share” to present your content to the world, it is one of the feeling that brings confidence from within that your content is worth publishing.#ThinkWithNiche

After the post takes place, it follows with a pin drop silence and then comes a few likes along with comments from the known followers. But how do you get hold of those other followers who are not yet introduced to your work if not by publishing high-quality content?

No steps are followed when it comes to Instagram growth. But there are a few chosen practices that can help you to reach a wider audience with new followers.

Optimizing The Bio

When you are presented with a set of 150 characters, make sure to do justice with it. The bio for Instagram informs the customers about you, what you deal into and what action you feel the audience will take after visiting your page. You can use hashtags for your brand as well. By adding your companies’ hashtag on the bio, it informs the audience which hashtags to use to stay tuned with your page. 

Best Time For Posting

There is no specific time when it comes to posting. The real truth is to trace the perfect time when your followers mostly stay active. Check the Instagram insights to know when your viewers are online. Clicking the “Insights” button will be the first step following “Your Audience”. Click on it and choose “See all”. The graph will be presented to you to check your follower’s most active time.


In the business graph, it has been told that at least 4 Instagram posts need to be shared per week. But posting 1 per day is highly recommended. Brands that keep the consistency of posting every day tend to see positive results. Consistency should be maintained to get your posts seen on regular basis along with engagement.


Instagram is not about a collage of photographs. The app has been modifying and innovating different techniques to share content in unique ways. When the different types of content is mixed and presented, which creates a good hype amongst the viewers. It is also fruitful as it connects to a wider range of audiences thus susceptible to gain more followers. 


Captions give you the space to explain or enhance your post in a more detailed way. The caption section of Instagram holds 2200 characters but not every post needs all of those exact characters to be filled. You can play with the length of the caption and details that you want to put. Some photos sync with small, quirky captions whereas some need a more reflecting thought that needs to be explained. 


If you desire to have growth on Instagram that feels steady then you have to provide your audience with content that focuses on high quality. Social media is good to go when it is about the personal account but business account needs to be handled more tactfully. We have covered most of the crème strategies that would help you gain followers if used systematically. 

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