9 Linkedin Optimization Hacks That We All Need To Know

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9 Linkedin Optimization Hacks That We All Need To Know
13 Sep 2021
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LinkedIn has become of the most searched platforms when it comes to collaborating and network searching. There are numerous clients, business partners with different skills and talents who want to take care to mend the gap between the buyer and seller. #ThinkWithNiche.

Because of technology, we are so connected to each other despite staying far away. There are different products and services with the right availability but that also poses a threat when it comes to lead generation. LinkedIn is a platform through which many activities related to the brand take place. A brand represents both the person you are and the company you run.

Therefore, it is mandatory to have a correct presentation that will help the other person to understand the optimization of the LinkedIn profiles so that it benefits them during further use.

Custom URL

The URL of your page or profile is based on the collection of alphanumeric codes. That is why it is important for you to have a customized URL. To make it simpler, it is best to have your name as a URL rather than different characters and numbers.


Recommendations work like magic. A proper recommendation from clients, peers, partners helps in capturing the name of the person who has recommended you. It defines your relationship with that person, building an idea of creating strong credibility for the profile.

Skills And Endorsements

Having key skills is a must-have. These skills get mentioned by you and each of these skills needs to be endorsed by people present in your connection.

Arranging The Profile

With most of the sections filled, the arrangement should be done with proper sequence. There are no rules when it comes to forming a sequence but it depends if you wish to highlight anything based on your priority.


If you want your profile to be available frequently in other’s searches, you have to add appropriate keywords that define them. Tags and other elaborated descriptions make the profile more Inclined to SEO.


In LinkedIn, there is a section named Headline. Snippets about yourself need to be written there so that people know what you want to highlight about yourself. If you do not wish to mention anything to describe yourself, it takes care of your headline by putting your current position and designation as default. Thus, customization makes it better.

Project Details

If you are likely to be a consultant, freelancer or project manager, it is mandatory to take care of the key projects that need to be executed and taken care of in your professional journey.


It is the time for network building. That is why start associating yourself with people and build a strong network. This can be taken care of when you connect with seniors, colleagues or even colleagues with whom you don’t work anymore. Over time, you will reach connections of the 2nd level or 3ed level.


When your posts are getting published, it is always mentioned to use keywords. Using keywords on the posts helps in increasing the visibility to the crème work of SEO.


LinkedIn is an influencing tool. If you are a professional, having a LinkedIn profile is like serving the community. You connect with people who share the same mindset as you thus gaining insights and values with a plethora of opportunities.

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