8 Techniques To Design Incredible Visuals For Instagram Stories

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8 Techniques To Design Incredible Visuals For Instagram Stories
12 Oct 2021
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This article will help you to decipher and channelize the methods through which it will become easy to captivate the audience with the stories that we want to convey. Here we reveal the 8 unique techniques for Instagram Stories. #ThinkWithNiche

An owner or an Entrepreneur always thinks to enthral their audience with the creative and the practical framework of the visuals. Here we present some unique methods to create your fashion of Instagram stories that attract your followers to view for more.

In Instagram, there are various techniques to make the viewers understand your perspective and the words that you want to reach out to them. There are feeds, reels, IGTV feeds along with hashtags. Let's dive straight into the blog-

Forming A Storyboard  

Instagram Stories play a huge role when it comes to promoting new posts along with the features that it provides. Stories hold the power to make a proper engagement with the viewers alongside the feeds. That makes it even livelier as we can easily capture almost everything that is occurring in the present. Not only different kinds of photography but also videos that that be captured live.

Style Guide For Framing A Story   

There is ready-made content such as short clips of videos or captivating graphics that can easily reach out to the viewers but using elements that are already present on the story framing will help to beautify and enhance your content to a whole new level. Putting GIF, filters and other styles like fonts can make the story more appealing and exquisite in the eyes of the viewers.

Maintain The Line   

Just like old school days where we were taught to maintain a boundary while painting, there are a few parameters that need to be maintained to make the story well-designed and beautifully projected. 1080 x 1920 pixels are the dimensions of the Instagram stories but to stay within the borders, it allows up to 1080 x 1420 pixels, excluding 250 vertically. The boundaries need to be maintained to make the design adequate and so that it doesn’t overlap with other important details such as username, etc.

Using Of Boomerangs

Boomerang is one of the most-used apps on Instagram that already holds the position to the confluence with a story. This can be used when the user opens their camera and take the clip of what they want to create. It is a clip of 1 to 2 seconds of a time limit. Boomerang creates a loop making the content way more fun. It also displays the personalities that the user want to display through their stories.

Photos And Videos

Instagram might hold a lot of filters for a perfect, dream-like story but it is always beneficial to use the pictures or videos that have already been clicked from a camera. It makes the image professional and leads the interest to know more about what it wants to convey. There are pictures available all over the Internet that is apt for your brand to relate and make an impression along with it.

Framing Design Elements

Each person has their way of writing. Thus Instagram presents 5 definite options when it comes to choosing a font. They are Typewriter, Modern, Strong, Neon and Classic.

These 5 fonts can craft almost any new graphic with its style. The symbols or the fonts can be zoomed in or zoomed out to create almost something that is out of the box adding an aesthetic value to the graphics. Using backdrops, accents makes it more engrossing to look at.

Ombre Effect On The Texts

Ombre looks beautiful but to achieve a masterpiece takes a lot of time. But when the end product gets created, it turns out to be jaw-dropping. For creating a desired ombre look, you need to select the text that you want to color on. At the initial, you need to select the first letter and along with that, by holding down the screen of the phone, choose the color that you desire to create an ombre on.

Swipe Up Feature For Content

When a user reaches their followers of more than 10K, the feature named “Swipe Up” appears on the story. It helps in reaching out to the more in-depth content that the user wants his/her followers to go through. If the feature is not available, using various symbols and arrows to the username helps in grabbing the attention of the post and the platform where the viewer needs to click to get the details of the content. It also spices up the framework of the design.

Your Design Is Your Mindfulness. Create One Today

Creativity knows no bounds and when it dives into the world of Instagram, it helps to reach the audience with ease because the audience prefers to view what suits or matches their thought process or mindset. This is how engaging the audience to understand the content of the profile becomes easier. Using quizzes and polls help to enhance the grasp of the audience’s attention by yearning for them to know more about what the brand is about.  

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