Your Data May Be At Risk. Learn The ABCs of Internet Safety

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Your Data May Be At Risk. Learn The ABCs of Internet Safety
17 Sep 2021
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Data security is one of the major modern issues our generation faces. Our data is constantly at threat from hackers, etc. Hence it's important to know how to be safe on the internet. Learn the ABCs of internet safety. #ThinkWithNiche

We live in the golden age of the internet. Pick any aspect of your life and you'll see that a lot of it is connected to the internet. Be it education, networking, job, or social media; each of them is intricately linked to the internet so much so that you cannot separate them. This has lots of great advantages, but as is the case with everything, it also has its fair share of disadvantages. Among the many disadvantages, the major one is data security.

Since all the information on our devices is restored in the form of data, it's obvious that data security and the inherent threat to it takes the shape of major modern problems. The techies have brainstormed to come up with safer ways to secure our data, a common example being end-to-end encryption in chats, but the threat remains the same. The recent developments also showed that even end-to-end encryption may not be as safe as we think it is.

Considering how big an issue data security has become, Google has given tips to ensure your data is secure. Google calls it the 'ABCs' of Internet Safety. Since millions of people use Google and its services, their tips for data security mean a lot to many. Let's understand what does ABC means.

1. A - Always Keep Your Private Data To Yourself

The baseline of this tip is that never share any private information with a stranger on the internet. From your birthday to your bank details, to basically anything. Our data are fragile and even the slightest of information can lead to major data leaks. Hence it's extremely important to keep your private details to yourself.


2. B- Beware Of The Bad Actors In Your Inbox

One of the most popular ways people get scammed is through mails. Your Gmail account has a lot of spam and it is through them that many hackers get inside your system and exploit your data. Google has a 'Phishing Protection' feature on Gmail which can help you warn of emails that seem more than just spam. This feature will help you not engage with spam sent put by hackers and programmers, thus preventing your system to be exposed to them.


3. C- Change Your Passwords Frequently

This one's probably the best advice on the lot. Quite many people forget to frequently change their password to help them remember it. While one must not change passwords every week, but it's good to change passwords every once in a while. We know it can be an annoying task to keep changing passwords but there's no better way to secure your data. You can frequently take Password Checkup to see if your password needs to be renewed or not. Password Checkup is available on your Google Account. 

Now that you know the three basic tips to keep your data safe, you can take a sigh of relief. But remember, it only takes a moment of carelessness to lose all your data. So beware. Internet is as dangerous a place as it is wonderful.

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