Wordless way of communication

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Wordless way of communication
11 Nov 2021
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social interactions are the basis of human development and there are many ways one interacts with one’s identity and personality. This blog talks about certified and studied non-verbal ways of communication. #ThinkWithNiche

The interchange of social activity between two or more individuals living in the same environment is known as social interaction. A block society workplace or even gathering places might be provided as the specified space. Human health, both mentally and physically, has been shown to benefit from social interactions. It aids in the attainment of mental peace, which improves physical health. The deterioration of one's mental health also affects one's physical health.


Nonverbal interactions are done without words. Such social interactions are done through wordless messages, that means through different gestures, posture, speech, etc.

Surprisingly speech is also a way to socialize non-verbally. When we talk about nonverbal communication through speech we are talking about the tone, texture of voice, pitch of speech that indicates a person’s intention and mood. For example, if someone is talking in a loud voice with a loud pitch and the texture of the voice is very aggressive, one can make out through these nonverbal signs that the speaker is angry.

Posture defines one’s feelings and attitude. Posture communication could vary across regions and generations. Bodily stances indicate one’s feelings towards others. For example, if someone respects the other person he would sit attentively with eyes focused on the speaker and if someone is feeling comfortable around you, their body posture would be a bit relaxed.

Gestures are movements with one’s body parts such as hands and arms. Gestures have predefined meanings in cultures. Joining both hands in front of one’s chest with a little bow is considered a sign of respect and a formal hello in Hinduism. In western culture, raising one hand and moving palm sideways mean hello or goodbye. Such gestures make interactions convenient and easy.

Clothing is also a nonverbal way to socialize. Clothes styles define the personality one wants to convey at first impressions. Clothes also define one’s attempt to blend in a workplace or at a gathering. For example in India, people wear ethnic clothes mostly at festivals so if one’s wearing an ethnic outfit it could be easily understood that it is because of the festival. While clothing is not the only thing that defines one’s personality it could be a way of nonverbal communication. One won’t wear a baggy t-shirt and shorts to the workplace but will do that in-home, so clothing is classified as a nonverbal way of communication and socializing.


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