Ways to uplift your team

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Ways to uplift your team
08 Sep 2021
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Being a manager or a leader in your organization, it becomes a duty to keep a check on your employees regularly. And as the universe is expanding, so are the worries of most of the human, in extension your employees. These worries can be one of the infinite permutations possible, but what is your role as a leader in all this? Your employees are responsible for the value you provide, hence any lag in their work will extend to your service. Let’s see what you do about it!  #ThinkWithNiche.

Gaining an employees’ confidence can help not only your firm but also you as a leader in numerous ways. And to get to know these ways, certain types of input in your team from your side are really necessary. Check these inputs and ideas listed below.

1. Chocolates Are Worth It, Once In A While

Now, don’t go literal on this one, distributing chocolate, or guess what you even can. What I really intend is for you as a leader to appreciate your employees once in a while. But keep in mind, your appreciation must be honest. As positive and honest as your feedback will be to your employee, so will his future efforts and motivation towards work be.

2. Who Doesn’t Like To Be A Boss

Of course, who doesn’t like to be a boss? You have to do the same with your employees. Make them feel like they are in charge of what they are into. A boss-like attitude helps your employees to get things done how they would wish to get done like a boss. Hence, not only the work you’ll receive will be of premium quality but happiness while doing their work would easily be visible through their faces. At the same time, avoid being a control freak; a controlling attitude might not get your work done, also it might result in the decreasing morale of your employees, hence weakening their performance quality. Give them the freedom they deserve. If you think an employee can get a job done, then leave him be, don’t lurk over his/her shoulder to keep a check. Simply have confidence in your employees.

3. Hear Criticism

This is a very important way of having your way around your employees. It turns out to be a frustrating work time when an employee is not able to freely express his or her thoughts on any issue. Giving them the opportunity to freely criticize and complain, will not only bring them happiness but will also let go of the constant pressure of not being able to say and express honest feelings. Forget not to constantly maintain your image as a leader while allowing free speech. Allow rational ideas and even nurture them, but get rid of negativity at the same time.

4. Stay Blind

What an absurd statement, right, that too in a domain as intricate as a business?  Kindly adhere. Stay blind, when it comes to any judgment among employees. Let not the personal favors of any employee towards you misjudge the rest of the employees. Avoid any partiality among your team members because being partial to one employee devalues others. But don’t misunderstand this with the first point. What the first point means to say is appreciate your employees for their good work, but that doesn’t mean you provide them with perks they don’t deserve or are not in that position to have those perks. Stay as fair to each of your employees as humanly possible. Any partiality can cost you decreasing work efficiency, which might lead to the beginning of work politics, which you might have to pay by the withdrawal of your position.

These are the key points to keep in mind as a leader or manager. Few more things to keep in mind can be ensuring a healthy work-life balance, as well as respecting every employee working under you. Also to be a quality manager to work with, you need to be immersed in work giving them the example of how you are not above them rather you are with them as a team.

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