Understanding Eco Tourism

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Understanding Eco Tourism
31 Jul 2021
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Looking for ways to start a business but confused which one?  Why not to enter into eco-tourism sector, What is required to start a successful one? In this article you will understand the basics of eco-tourism as a business idea. Lets explore now.#ThinkWithNiche.

Eco-tourism means the responsibility of travelling to natural areas while conserving the environment, supporting locals, and interpreting the culture of the area. With an increase in discussions about climate action and sustainability, eco tourism is an aspect that stands out and might confuse people as to how it contributes to climate action. Furthermore, it also calls for tourists to fully immerse themselves in the area they are traveling to by asking them to indulge in raising awareness about injustices towards local/indigenous people and the socio-economic status as a whole. 

Due to the fact that ecotourism is heavily reliant on embracing nature and as opposed to going into luxurious hotels and looking at skylines, an increase in its prevalence boosts the local government and people’s incentive to preserve nature. 

One of the main reasons for ever-developing infrastructure and industrialization in an economy is the tourist attraction aspect of it. While both these factors are essential in other layers of the economy, such as better lifestyle, ranking in terms of development, and business. However, in the path to these, governments often digress and move past the point of striking a balance. It then becomes a question of choosing development over conservation of the environment, which causes detriments to the movement of climate change and action. 

In the event that eco-tourism gains momentum and is a widely followed phenomenon, the aforementioned dilemma of governments choosing between development and the environment can be eradicated to a large extent. 

Another pertinent aspect of the increase in ecotourism is the backing of local, small businesses and a surge in the number of locals that can now earn more. This, in conjunction with the environmental impact of ecotourism, fosters economic sustainability. Wherein, natural resources are valued and everyone in the economy has a good standard of living. 

Through the increases in business ventures by locals, their gross income is sure to increase. Inadvertently, there is the betterment of standard of living. In addition to this, such small increases in businesses in multiple areas can reduce economic dualism. This essentially means that people from rural areas can capitalize on the natural resources they have and can set out on the path of urban standards of living while also protecting the environment. 

It is safe to say that ecotourism has nothing but positive effects on the environment and economy. It is only right to be hopeful that this becomes the future of travelling and bears its fruits in the form of the betterment of climate change.

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