Uber Eats created History or Recreated it?

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Uber Eats created History or Recreated it?
08 Feb 2022
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For marketing, brands do crazy things, like Red Bull organizing air races and adventure sports, Disney creating the Disney World, and so on. Recently Uber Eats has raised the stakes of marketing a bit too high by delivering to the International Space Station but, the question arises, were they the first ones to do so? Let's find out. #TWN

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Recently Uber Eats created history by delivering food to the International Space Station. They got a lot of limelight and were considered to be the first one to do something that incredible, and let’s not forget something that expensive. However, were they the first ones to achieve this benchmark? Well, get ready for a shock. They were not the first ones to deliver food in space. Then, who were the first ones to create this history? We will reveal this by the end of this blog. First, let’s take a look at how Uber Eats achieved this benchmark.

Uber Eats made this possible with the help of a Japanese billionaire entrepreneur Yusaku Maezawa, who had planned a vacation of 11 days in space. Yusaku planned his stay in the International Space Station during the tenure of his vacation, and hence Uber Eats decided to take this step forward. The dishes delivered were ready-to-eat canned Japanese food which included a beef bowl cooked in sweet sauce, boiled mackerel in miso, chicken with bamboo shoots, and braised pork.

This delivery was made on December 11, 2021, which took 8 hours and 34 minutes in total.

“This delivery marks one giant leap for Uber as we’re committed to helping people go anywhere and get anything — now, including space.” was quoted by Uber Eats. To celebrate this achievement, Uber offered $10 off on every $20 spent on the app.

The journey was around 248 miles in total. The cost of the journey is still a mystery. Uber Eats decided to keep the expenditure a mystery for now.

Now, let’s talk about the focus of this blog: was Uber Eats the first company to deliver in space? Well, this is not the complete truth. Although Uber Eats was the first food delivery app to do so, they were not the first ones to deliver food into the space. So, who was the first one? The first successful food delivery to the space was made by Pizza Hut. Yes, the first company which made this possible was Pizza Hut. This history was created in the year 2001 when Pizza Hut paid $1 million to a Russian rocket that was bound to take the supplies to the ISS. It was a promotional event, and Pizza Hut prepared for a long time to make it possible. The pizza was loaded with spices, especially salt, as the taste buds get a bit bland in the space. Although pepperoni is the most popular topping, Pizza Hut had to settle with salami as Pepperoni got spoiled in those conditions.


Although Pizza Hut was the first one to deliver pizza in the space, Uber Eats was the first one to deliver actual food. Pizza Hut was the first restaurant or food chain to deliver, while Uber Eats was the first food app to do so, and the food delivered from both of them was quite different. So, as we told you, yes, Uber Eats did deliver food in the space, but they were not the first ones to do so.

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