Two Ways To Prevent Your Creative Team From Passing Out

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Two Ways To Prevent Your Creative Team From Passing Out
09 Nov 2021
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The process of the creation of something new and different asks a lot. Those consistent hours of grooming and molding to turn a thought into words, objects, or any other form of creation. This tiresome process can make these creators burn out. So, if you are working with a creative team, the last thing you want for them is to get exhausted. Because for creativity, freedom is the most necessary element. So here, are a few ways by which you can assure your creative team’s creative state. #ThinkWithNiche

Creativity demands a free spirit. Take a look at the most creative person you know. He can be anyone, a musician, a painter, a dancer, or even a doodler. The most similar characteristic that you would find is the liberty of thoughts and expression. Put them under pressure, and the output you would get would possibly be a blunder. If you are the head of a creative team and wish to maintain your creative spirit, the following tips are just for you.

1. Deadlines Don’t Work For Creative Heads

Pressure is the last emotion you want your team to feel. To put your best foot forward in front of your clients, the desired task should be top-notch. And for the best output, you want your creative employees to be in the best possible state. With a relaxed mind, then they will find it easy to process thought and pour them into their creation. Once you are done with your description of the desired end product, they will be more than happy to provide you with the timeline. So at the place of deadlines, you should ask them for their timelines. This will let them feel like they are in control and will also give a sense of freedom of selection. But this process is possible only with a certain amount of trust. Remember, although you are not the one giving deadlines, you can negotiate timelines with them.

2.  Surround Them With Positivity

Here’s a fact about the creative heads surrounding you: Creatives are their own biggest critics. They are in a habit of constantly checking their work and finding minor mistakes to outshine their skills. They love to do better, and they strive for it. They love it when someone points out minor mistakes they oversaw while reviewing. This constant need for betterment can sometimes burn out their oil of creativity and leave them with a feeling of boredom. To avoid them from reaching such a state, you can take two small steps:
a) Give them a constant report of what the higher-level officials or the client think of his/her work. It gives them an idea of how his/her work is being interpreted as. Is the message they are trying to show reaching the viewer? This is what they want to step up and come up with a better version of their work.
b) Keep showering constant doses of positivity every time you visit them. Constant worrying sometimes makes them a little dull, so try to create a jolly and easy-going work environment.

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